Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Beautiful....(Life Is!)

Is this not the prettiest color?

I just liked this photo I snapped at Christmas time: my daughter received this ring from her husband and I thought the color was just brilliant.

You know me, I can't post without a picture, and today's pick was just random, something that looked pretty as I scrolled through the file.

And, while I was at it, without her knowing, I snapped a picture of her other hand; loved the contrast of the old, worn Carhartt jacket with her tiny hand and her wedding ring. (She LOVES her old Carhartt, and has had it forEVER.)

I can look at these pictures in the months that we don't get to see each other and I can "see" her....I miss her so much.

We've all been busily helping our son get his house ready; we've got the bulk of the big stuff all done now and he's moving in on Thursday! Furniture was delivered today. I cleaned carpet yesterday and today, one more room to go. I still have a few walls to wash, windows and screens will be done after that. He moves all his stuff from here in the next few days.

In addition, life goes on. The guys working, and with our teenager: basketball practices and games and then tonight was a choir concert...busy, busy!

Tonight he told us he might run track this spring. (I'm so glad...I think he'll love it!) Times like these are when I'm thankful I'm able to be home and take care of things and make sure everyone has what they need to get where they're going and do what they're doing.

I do realize that when I'm older, I' ll look back and say to myself:
"Those were the best days of my life!"

Because, really, they ARE.

How are you all doing?


Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

I'm doing ok. Made it through work ok even though I was 2 hours late, due to a bad night of sleep. It's beautiful outside and I'm as always, staying too busy! :0) I had yesterday off and had a few too many things to do but it was good. Saw my son's family and their new place, which will look better once the boxes are gone. Duplex was built in the 70s and love the wood by the fireplace. Wonderful window in the kitchen. I'd definitely put some lace valances up. Come to think of it, I think I'll do that in my kitchen as the curtains need replaced. So hope they don't have to move again in the next few years. People that smoke in apartments are hard to live above. Oh well, a blessing they found something nice and love the view--trees! :0) Stopped to see mom in nursing home b4 returning to my home! Happy day!

lillie mae acres said...

Neat! The rings are beautiful of course, the sapphire looks like Princess Di's engagement ring. Remember those days? Have a good evening.

sherry said...

what a lovely post. the rings, the family info in bits and pieces, the sentiment behind it all. love it.

your son buying a home for such a remarkable price (i'm in NorCal..trust me, his price is remarkable! hehe) at such a tender age - what wisdom you've instilled in his heart. i commend you and your husband!

life indeed goes on. real life. real people. pretty amazing.

these days really are the best days of our lives - no matter the concerns of the day - or the joy therein. :o)


Artful Gathering said...

Beautiful ring and post...And I must agree, The day's when you are busy helping your family grow and keep them organized ARE the best years of your life... Remember to enjoy them... sounds to me like you are.... They fly by in a minute and then you wonder where the time went.... Blessings on this beautiful day....

Jeanette said...

Pretty rings and a very nice post.

Mandy said...

Busy here too, but trying to live in the moment!

mary your sis said...

Beautiful ring and beautiful hand, too. It's quite a contrast, the sparkle of the ring and the frayed cuff of the work coat. I'd love to see a prego picture of Jamie!!