Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sis!

Today is my little sister's birthday!
Happy Birthday, Anne!

She is a single mom who has raised two good kids.
She is grandma to one great little pixie.

She has worked and saved,
...and now she is BUILDING HER OWN HOUSE!

It sits at the top of a hill overlooking a small private lake.

It is a dream of hers that she has worked very hard to make come true!
She had it carefully planned.
It will be very energy efficient.
She has shopped for the right stuff and made sure she got the right price.

Soon she will move in and I could not be happier for her!

Happiest of birthdays, Anne....
I hope it's
a good one for you...


Rita said...

Wow! What an inspiration. Please let us see the outside and inside and give us info on her house. What a smart girl she is. What she has done is very hard work and now she will get to enjoy. Yeah!

Donna said...

Good for her! Best wishes for her birthday and her new home!

savvycityfarmer said...

Your sisters and you ...what a fun family ... glad to know a few of you
she sounds like a trooper

have a piece of cake for me

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

YEY Anne! Yet another very smart and patient hard worker in your family who is seeing the fruits of their labor. Hope she has a great birthday and many more in her new home...LOVE that gazebo part in the back!

jamjar said...

Happy Birthday to your sis! I love strong, capable women. Looks to me like it must be a family trait!
...and yes, show us the inside as it gets ready!

mary your sis said...

For some reason, even though I can't remember other birthdays, I always remember Anne's and this year I remembered to call her, too, LOL! It's exciting to see her dream house becoming complete... happy birthday, Anne! (Love the yellow siding!)

Erin said...

Congrats. What an adorable house.

Sister number five said...

Thank you,Joni. You brought tears to my eyes to know you think that much of me. There will be more pictures, I'm sure, but I'm not finished yet! Hopefully I'll be in within the next two months. It will be Victorian upstairs (with salvaged antiqe trims) and western log in the walk-out basement; kind of eccentric like me!
Check out that sledding hill,though! See the tracks my granddaughter & I made? What fun! I can't wait to have my first tobaggan party...all the way from the top of the hill by the turret to 1/4 way across the lake.
Thank you again (couldn't you find a better picture??!!). Love, Anne

FHCS said...

Good for her! What a cute home, I love to see people's dreams come true, especially through hard work! Happy belated birthday to her! (I'm catching up on the last few posts!)