Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Frosty Morning: Hopefully one of the LAST!

One week ago, Tuesday morning....frost and a fog envelop a field; shrouding it in a fine veil.

It quickly is removed and what was underneath was worth stopping to take notice.

Because nature had dressed even the most ordinary weed as beautifully as a bride on her wedding day.

Such gifts nature offers us, all dressed in her finery and standing tall, posing perfectly, quietly.

So elegant, so stately.
How great is our God?

Each season He created offers its own unique and special gifts.

And....this week, He's given us a big break from winter with the gift of unseasonably WARM and SUNNY weather!

This follows a week of mostly sunny and warm-ish days, which in itself was heaven. And now another bonus week of sun and even warmer temps!!


I wish I could say that the frosty pictures here of a week ago would be the END of winter for us, but we all know that spring is just teasing us.

But, we can make it fun while it lasts, can't we?


Julie Harward said...

We have cold and some wind and snow...spring isn't even teasing us, wish she would! Pretty pictures, I love the frost! Come say hi :D

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Three Cheers for spring Joni! We've had alot more rain than normal this year, but our temps never really dip below 40F at any time here on the California coast. Though I love the mild weather, I must admit that I miss the season changes too. xxxVicki

Sit A Spell said...

I am so thrilled for my Mi friends! They are all so excited about this warmer weather. (and yes, it is just a tease, but enjoy it!) It's hard for me to fuss about this gray 60ish day today when I know what March is usually like in MI. We also have 70's and sunshine for the weekend. More gray and rainy days until we get to Sat, but perfect for baking and having a cuppa tea!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Joni I am glad we are enjoying this spring tease together!
I was hoping to get my windows washed today too but other things got done instead! I still have my granddaughters finger prints on the doors {that I am enjoying}

Ohhhhh do send me your venison recipe! I shot 2 deer this past season and am always looking for good recipes! :-)

Enjoy the sunshine chickee I think we are supposed to get rain the next 4 days!
That means more MUD!

Hugz, Dolly

Donna said...

75degrees...Geez! Up one day down the next! Sore throat weather...Great photos!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

WOW! How warm was it over there! Around 50 here today - but drizzly and ugh.
Such lovely photos - I expect another snow storm before its all over..it always happens.

Two more things:
Shipped your package yesterday :)

Thought you might like what's going on over and PR tonight and tomorrow.

Simple Home said...

I'm in the high desert of So. California, and the high today didn't get to 40F. We had a wind chill that made it feel much colder. It was clear and beautiful though. We had rain over the weekend, and quite a bit of rain this winter. Your photos are beautiful.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

It was windy and cold all day and this evening it rained. To be only 45 all week, nearly freezing a few nights. It was so nice last week, almost 60 one day, in Oregon.
Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos.

Awhile back you posted about some packages you put together for friends of old timey items. I recently found out a childhood friend I still keep in contact with, lost both her parents last year. While I was at an antique store I purchased a purple and white crochet potholder and sent it to her with some forget me not seeds and a card. I remember her purple bedroom so well and I am hoping she gets a bit of joy out of that. Great idea--Thanks!