Sunday, March 21, 2010

Quick & Easy Curtains...

I don't know if you've ever admired a shower curtain and wished it was a curtain, but you don't have to wish, just buy it! This one matched the shower curtains that hang around my slipper tub and I thought why CAN'T it be a window curtain? The fact that it was on clearance was a big help in making my decision.

Here's the thing: shower curtains are cheap fabric, especially if they're on sale or on clearance. The fabric is usually excellent and durable quality and washes well, and the measuring, cutting, hemming and finishing is already done for you!

So, for under $10, you can have a pretty nice curtain, with some ribbon to stand in those shower curtain ring holes....look at all the work you've saved yourself!

Just cut the ribbon in equal lengths, thread through the holes and tie a knot! Slip over a tension rod (or whatever you already have!) and it's the quickest (and kinda cute, too!) curtain you've ever dealt with.

In this old farmhouse with long skinny windows, shower curtains work exceptionally well, no length needs to be cut off, they fall at just the right spot on the baseboard.

And for my son's new home I bought several sets of matching shower curtains, (in LINEN!) to use for quick, easy and cheap window coverings in his house, which I hope to show you soon!

It will save a lot of time, and any parts that are cut off the length will be used for throw pillows for quick and easy pillow form covers!


Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea! I've seen beautiful shower curtains and thought they'd make the cutest curtains and now I know how! Thanks for the tip!

I got some curtains last year at Target that were on clearance for really cheap and hung them in my living room. Sometimes if you are lucky you can find matching ones.

I've even made curtains out of sheets. Have you ever done that?

Julie Hinds said...

I think you could also hang them with those metal cafe rod curtain clips.