Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bright & Beautiful

It's a bright, bright, sunshiny (unusual) day in Mid-Michigan!
(Holy smokes, we've had several in a ROW! Get a load of the blue sky in the photo below....unreal!)

And to demonstrate my weakness for nesting bowls further: I brought out these nesting bowls for a photo session, because I found this set last fall and still hadn't shared them with you all.

(You'll be happy to know that the bowls cooperated nicely and posed perfectly.)

The bowls didn't even mind when I turned them over to show you their bottoms.
They have cute bottoms; just a little chippy.
The best part about the bottoms of these vintage bowls?
As with most of my other vintage finds, their bottoms show that they were made in the U.S.A.!

Bright 'n beautiful.

And sporting spring-like posies.


Unknown said...

Love your bowl, and they go so well with your table cloth!

Mandie said...

Oh what great bowls you have. They are so well mannered! They are adorable. That photo with the background looks great. I love the sun peaking through.

Catty Wampus said...

Hi I love the bowls; but was most surprised to hear that you live in Mid Michigan; I do too! I am in Unionville; well, really south and east of it; I am in the country as well! I am a follower of yours:) It is so neat to find a "neighbor" you can reach me at; I love the weather these past few days:)

Emily said...

Just beautiful! I love these bowls. I'd loved to have snatched them up too :)

Unknown said...

These bowls caught my eye immediately! They are just precious!

So sunny and cheery on an almost spring day.


Starview Sonnet

Julie Harward said...

I just love bright colors. We have had nice days too...loving it! Come say hi...:D

Brenda Pruitt said...

How lovely your colorful bowls are! Especially on top of that colorful linen. I am just automatically drawn to bowls. They represent comfort; a bowl of ice cream, of homemade soup, of something delightful!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh man! I can feel that weather just by seeing those photos! WHAT CUTE PHOTOS! Sunny here today too - it's all so exciting!!!
Thanks for your kind words about Whole Heart Schools and my little "oopsy!"

Maryjane-The Beehive Cottage said...

Jodi, I love your bowls! They are bright and cheerful, just like you!


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog posts and blog. So old fashioned and homey. Feels like going home again!

Molly Betsy @ Star Cottage said...

You coudn't have picked a more perfect table cloth to showcase your fabulous bowls. The colors really pop. Love it!