Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Unexpected Brilliance..

Watch for it in unexpected places...

Do you appreciate the guts it takes to do things a little differently than expected?


mary your sis said...

Cute! I had a friend named Lorrie who's favorite book was; 'Mr. Pines Purple House'. I remembered reading that book to our little brother and nephew. At first Mr. Pine tried all kinds of normal ways to distinguish his house from all the other cookie cutter homes in his neighborhood. He planted a tree in front of his house, so did everyone else, he painted his shutters, so did everyone else, and on and on it went until he became so frustrated at his follow-the-leader neighbors that he went out and bought gallons and gallons of purple paint. No more beige existence for Mr. Pine! I love people who color outside the lines and I still think of the brave Mr. Pine when I see a bright pink or other unexpected color on a house!

Shari from Big Yellow Farmhouse said...

A big splash of color in a neutral scene always makes me smile! "Brighten the corner where you are"!!

Donna said...

Great effects! God bless them that walk on the wild side, LOL!

Julee said...

I came snopping around Old Centennial Farmhouse from savvycity farmer(sister) and parisienne farmhouse(neice). I love your blog(s), so patriotic and inspiring. I'm stealing two things maybe three, for sure.
1. Abraham Lincoln quote
2. the idea to roam around the countryside with my camera.
3. brush up on my photoshop--although, I too, believe some of the best shots are straight out of the camera.
Nice to meet you!