Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Soo....Who's Gonna Get Pinched?

Who's gonna get pinched??
Hope it's not YOU!
Happy St. Patty's Day...
to all of you, my farmhouse friends!
Do YOU remember when March 17th meant that you must wear something green to school, or risk getting pinched all day long?

(A little green is showing in my front garden today!)

(Does pinching even happen anymore?!)


Unknown said...

Yes everyone was in green, and just had fun! what happen?

Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I guess it does! Someone told my hubby at work that he had better wear green today, or she is going to pinch him! LOL

Bear Hugs~Karen

Julie Harward said...

OH YES...SE MY POST A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO (with the green cookies recipe)...COME SAY HI :D

Donna said...

Happy Saint Patricks Day to you!!

FHCS said...

Hello Joni!
No one is pinching me, I'm as green as can be! I love your lil flowers that are popping up, I wish we had the same here, it looks like a little longer though. Congrats to your boy on his new home, that is really exciting! I'm heading back to your blog to catch up more now. Happy St. Patty's Day to you and your family!
Hugs, Dee

June said...

I'm not sure Joni, but I don't think I want to risk it!lol
Thank you sweet, for your lovely words left at my place.

Donna said...

Hahaha, nobody better try that or else they'll get smacked! Hope you had a great day!

Elenka said...

I did wear green to school and I did not get pinched.

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...

Momma - you forgot to mention it is my favorite holiday of the year! Ask Mark to show you this picture I sent him earlier -- I am decked out in my green decor -- I even had my Shamrock purse today!

Unknown said...

Joni ~ It was always annoying having bruises if you forgot to wear green. Being a red- head I always felt like a Christmas tree (red) bulb when I wore green ... chuckle!

Shamrocks & blessings ~
Hugs, Marydon

Tanya said...

My sister in law just recommended you to me saying I would just love your site. OH I DO!! I just adore all your photos, your interests, aprons, etc. I'll be checking in often!!! So cute and so real!!!!!!!