Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Great Marinade for Venison or Beef!

Yum....perfectly grilled venison steaks ready for cutting into.

I cook by the seat of my pants, so I can't give you exact measurements for this marinate.

My daughter and I combined our ideas for marinating steaks and came up with this one. These ingredients make a great marinate for venison or beef. The reason I like it for venison (which, by the way is the healthiest and most perfect red meat there is!) is because it takes the gamey taste away but leaves the meat still tasting like venison!

In the fall, we put up our own venison, Mr. Farmhouse is really good at this, was taught by someone who really knew what they were doing. It makes a big difference if your meat is butchered correctly; if it isn't you're not going to want to use it. Our venison is trimmed, cut and frozen on trays, then placed into bags and vacuum sealed to put back into the freezer...

You can clearly see why this is a very healthy red meat...

Get out a bowl and start dumping in the ingredients...

If you use it for roasts, it's excellent but you'll have to bake it in some beef broth or consomme' for the moisture needed in the pan. I've never actually roasted the beef or venison IN the marinate, instead I used consomme and basted often. This is my FAVORITE marinate for venison, hands down.

Right now I have about fifteen small steaks chillin' in this bath and they are going on the charcoal grill at dinner time.
I will serve it with baked potatoes and some of the green beans from our garden and it's going to be better than any restaurant meal!

Marinate for beef or venison:

Lemon juice steak sauce

sauce soy sauce (in a small amount, comparatively)

Red cooking wine (if you have it, if not it's good without it, too)


white grape juice

crushed garlic cloves

barbecue rub

seasoned salt such as Lowery's


All of these ingredients need to be mixed in a bowl and stirred, then poured into a gallon Ziploc that holds your venison or beef.

Massage the marinate into the meat and turn often as it sits in the fridge.

When it's time for cooking, I do nothing else to the meat, just pour off the marinate and sear on a hot grill. If using for roast, remember what I wrote above.

Your meat should be given this flavorful bath for at least a couple hours for fuller flavor, the longer the better. Overnight is best!)

Ready for the grill!

Enjoy! And let me know your adventures with this marinate if you can!

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Julie Harward said...

Ok...I know spring is here, you've changed your header! This recipe looks good, I'll try it, thanks! Come say hi :D