Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Spring-like Respite


 Respite:  An interval of relief. what's not to like about today?

Balmier breezes are blowing in and the mercury on the old farmhouse thermometer is almost at FIFTY! 

Now that might not sound great to you, but for having ZERO registered on there just one week ago, well, it feels like spring has arrived.

The grocery store had bundled tulips 3/$10 so I splurged (I really wanted three bunches but talked myself out of it and just nabbed one) and brought some bright sunshine home to live with me while it lasts.

The house is dirty, and the snow outside is melting, so I've decided today turn off that furnace and to throw open the windows and let this old house breathe in some fresh air!  I'm going to sweep and mop.  


When I walked to the mailbox, in addition to the sounds of birds singing above my head in the old silver maple tree,  there was another bright and springlike surprise awaiting me there! 

Victoria, I think I'll have a little time alone with you later after I mop up all that mud the dogs have brought in!  

You will wait for me, right Victoria?


Anonymous said...

Your week and weather sounds like mine!

lil red hen said...

What a difference a week can make -- last Thurs. morning we were at -1*; this morning at 60*. I haven't seen any buds popping up yet but it won't be long. The tulips are so very pretty!

Donna said...

Those yellow tulips look so cheerful!

Linda said...

The yellow tulips are very nice...I think any flower that is "yellow" brings on Spring. It is like a new beginning and the yellow to me is bright, cheery and very calming. Thanks for sharing....