Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lansing, Here I Come!

Myself and an unnamed patriot.  This protest is the first Tea Party in Lansing, April 15, 2009

I am heading with some friends over to Lansing this morning.  I've got to put my money where my mouth is and show up to counter-protest the driven-union demonstrations.

The time has come for the haves to try to put us "have-nots" in our place, and I'm not going down without a fight.

Public sector unions have NO business being run as those in the private sector.  Taxpayer money is a whole different issue than those in private-sector unions paid dollars made from a profit. 

As more and more states face bankruptcy, this will spread.  I'm afraid it's going to be a LONG fight.  We need to get our big girl pants on and go out there.  It's cold, it's snowy, but I've got long underwear and snowmobile pants, and I can go.


Our state governments are not like our federal government, which at a whim of Bernanke's can print money as fast as they can --all to prop up their empty coffers.  States do not have that at their disposal and budgets must be balanced.  

I don't know what's not to understand about that and that states and municipalities cannot control costs and predict spending with bargaining rights such as they are.

Reality cannot be put off or kicked forward to our grandkids and theirs, and that is why I must fight now.



Unknown said...
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Debbie said...

What a wonderful idea! I'm with you! I wonder if the tea party ever heard of Illinois. I never hear of any conservative organization here although I know many, many reasonable conservatives. It's obvious the liberals have has tight control here for some time. I guess you've heard; we're broke and we have one ex-governor in jail, one who probably should be, a current one who is obviously nuts, and a member of the Obama team whose come to prey on the opportunity. Well, it makes me want to go back to Texas!

Cindy said...

Tea Party all the way!!!! I will be lifting you up in prayer today!!!Good luck and be careful.And I agree...long ...long road ahead!!

Hugs Cindy from Rick-Rack and Gingham

Tanya said...

You go girl!!

Congrats to Jamie, Thad, and babies! What a wonderful home and wonderful place to raise their family!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your new header! I have to have my teenage daughter do it all for me! But MAYBE I'll try learning one of these days! You have inspired me AS USUAL!

Miss Emily said...

Excellent! We're fighting beside you all the way down south where I live too.

I've been enjoying your blog lately. Just found it, and I've added you to my Google reader list.

Unknown said...


Donna said...

God bless you! I am truly frightened about latest tactics by and the public unions. Us conservatives can't let our voices be shouted down by the minority liberal wing of this country!

mary your sis said...

I am proud of you! You don't listen when people whine; "What good will it do?" or "It's no use, we can't do anything to stop this". People like you are providing a good example for the next generation. Strong, salt-of-the-earth Americans need to stand up and be counted and let the mean, ugly, haters know they will not just roll over us. BTW: Did you know Joe Arpaio, the conservative Republican Sherriff from Pheonix, AZ is considering a run for Congress? GO JOE! I would donate to his PAC!

mary your sis said...

P.S. Will you post some photo's of your experience in Lansing?

Anonymous said...

Just catching up today and read your blog. Our SS teacher told us where to find the answer to why we are called the right. It's in Ecclesiastes 10:2. We should spread this around but the left probably wouldn't know what book to even look into. LOL Peggy