Friday, February 18, 2011

Owl's Nest & "Back Road Beauty" Snow Scenes

I finally got the chance to shoot one of my most favorite barns in the whole area...and I just couldn't wait to show you.

Now isn't "The Owl's Nest" a beauty!?  The date is 1912.  This barn is very well maintained and the pride shows in the fact that they keep fresh paint on her and kept the old-style lettering.  

This beautiful old barn is thing of true HISTORY, worth preserving, that's for sure--and almost ready for a 100th birthday next year.  I do hope it is celebrated, because it's wonderful.

(I wish it were mine, too.  I know, I 'm not supposed to envy, but this one, oooohhh!  Click on any photo for a larger view!)

I love the name of it, I love the details:  its red and  green color scheme, crisp white trim, and those twin green gables!  Not to mention its little pal, the corn crib.

While I was out that morning, I stopped at the orchard to buy some new popcorn for popping this winter,  and here's what I saw on the road heading home:  a big road grader, plowing big piles of snow.  I thought some of you might enjoy seeing this, although I wonder if he thought I was weird photographing him!

And for good measure, I thought I'd show you this barn with an unusual roof line, that I shot from the car window on a cold, cold, cold morning that was below zero.  I'm loving that the lightning rods are still hanging in up there, standing tall, although it looks like one might be missing.

This is what I see as I leave our area and head to the mall for my six mile walks several days a week, or when we head to school, or basketball games, church, or just about anywhere.  

I truly think the scenery out is as fine as could be--especially on the dirt roads!


Linda said...

Love the is absolutely beautiful and the snow really enhances it.

Brenda Evans said...

That is one beautiful barn - love the pics - that's a lot of snow.

Cher' Shots said...

I just love barns! Great shots!
'hugs from afar'

lil red hen said...

Our bank put out a calender this year with photos of old barns. It's nice that you have so many this close to your home.

Granni's lil Corner said...

The scenery surrounding you is breathtaking. This to me is true art. I take such pleasure in the simple things in life beautiful pictures that you've captured once again.