Monday, February 7, 2011

Is It Monday Again? Hang On!

A little "booster shot" to immunize us,
so we can last the rest of the winter.

In less than three months, all the fruit trees will be in bloom.

The gardens will be tilled, and the soil will be warmed by the spring breezes and the sunshine.

Garage sales will be everywhere...

In about four months, the lilacs will be filling the air with perfume.

And, you will  be able to hang your laundry out soon!

Only six months or less until Michiganders can be eating juicy, ripe tomatoes from their gardens!

Just thought you might need a little bit of a reminder that we CAN make it!

There are better things ahead!

What are YOU looking forward to?


Carmen S. said...

Such beauty to look forward too!!! Now we just have to get rid of all the snow;)

Penny said...

It's wonderful to see signs of spring on your blog -- if we can't yet see them outside. But spring is coming!! Aaaaaah, to smell the lilacs (my favorite!) and to hear the birds chirping.....
Thanks for sharing these pics to brighten up another cold, cloudy Monday morning!

Rosemary said...

I hate to tell you Joni..but it's gorgeous here in San Diego today! Many of my succulents are in bloom and we are starting to see flowers blooming along the freeway's. Spring is coming to San Diego. Sending some sunshine your way to beat the mid winter blahs. Beautiful photos. I love the smell of lilacs and have to drive to Julian, CA or to La Canada to Descanso Gardens to smell them in spring. It is so worth the drive just to have a whiff of that childhood scent from my Wisconsin home.

Donna said...

I'm trying to hang on! Oh, those pictures are glorious!

Tammy said... I long for you!!!!