Friday, February 11, 2011

Shadow Shots: The Sun is Ruled by WHOM?

We've had an unusual run of sunny days, COLD, but sunny.

So you know what THAT means.

Shadow shots.

Some neat ones come in the afternoon, the softest ones in the morning.

This one's a PM.  So is the one above it.

This one's an AM.  I hope the sun is practicing for its spring run.  It needs to work on its heat factor just a tad.

By the way, have I told you that when I was a kid (not all THAT long ago!) our Weekly Readers we were issued in elementary school told us that soon the sun would be destroyed?

Yes.  It's true.  This took place in the late sixties and early seventies.

I lost a lot of sleep over it, you see I was too young to know what pap really was!

That's what they told classes full of little worry-wart children in thousands and thousands of schools across the country.  So in addition to the bomb drills, fire drills, and tornado drills, I had to worry about icebergs and no heat from the sun, and therefore STARVATION!  

(And as you all know, I really like food!  So that was the worst of all the worries about this global cooling thing.)

And we humans were going to cause this catastrophe, and in our lifetimes, we would see ourselves freeze, and shatter into icicles, all because all of our useful modern conveniences--they were going to deeeeestroyyy  the suuuunnnnn!!

Well, I'm still here, and so is the sun, and none of us are TRULY frozen, just yet.

Next, after their first ploy didn't work out, they got their orbs full of "intelligence" together and decided that the earth will burn up and called it global warming.  

They next found a big fat guy to preach that gospel, and thought a lot of us would fall for it because he'd been a vice president.  And like a lot of preachers, he doesn't practice what he preaches AT ALL.  And his eminence who should never be challenged on his beliefs and will not answer any questions--has gas guzzlers, two huge mansions--and doesn't worry about eating too much, jetting all over the WORLD to preach his religion--or using too much of the earth's resources at ALL.   
(That's just for the little people.)

But still, people who consider themselves intelligent buy into his gospel, and follow it with religious fervor.  After all scientists are the smartest people on the planet, right? 

When they got caught in their deception in that so-called research, they changed terminology, and now they call it, cleverly, 

"climate change",  just in CASE it goes either way, they've got themselves covered.

I SAY, that the ONE who is in charge of our earth controls the weather.  He's been pretty good at this stuff for a long, long, long time--He's taking care of things and making sure the seasons arrive just on time and that the planets are all dangling just where he wants them, all above our heads, all a miracle somehow.

So don't buy the lies of the "scientists" because they are fallible, after all.   They've proven that more than once.

And the creator of life, also known as the author and finisher, the alpha and omega, He hasn't been caught in a lie yet!

SO, the MORAL of this STORY is this:  Help your children learn to recognize PAP when they hear it.  And, you can care about the earth and treat it with respect (as the Bible asks us to do) without believing every theory that comes down the pike.

Base beliefs on truth-- on something that NEVER changes.  

Somehow, no matter what we mere humans do, the stars are still in place, and the earth is still having seasons and rotating on its axis like it's supposed to, held together by God.  

He has promised.  And you can count on that.


Anonymous said...


Linda said...

Amen...could not have said it better myself!
Love the shadow shots....I took some out in the snow yesterday.

Donna said...

Us folks in TN know that Owl Gore is a bafoon and hypocrite. Did you know that his residence is the BIGGEST residential customer in the state of TN. Such an honor, LOL! The EPA is going forward with regulations to supposedly reduce carbon emissions as a result of this false global warming zeal and we should all hope and pray that Congress stops the madness.

Brenda Evans said...

AMEN Joni!

JulieF1962 said...

Amen, and thank you!

mary your sis said...

Gore, the GUMP! I agree about teaching our kids to recognize pap, or as I would call it, CRAP! I think of Jennifer Anniston who bemoaned the "fact" that soon the icebergs would disappear and the poor polar bears would have no place to live... Gasp! Wonder if she's still worried about these bears' habitats? I would say home prices are plummeting on the growing numbers of iceberg properties right about now. Perhaps Gore should become a commercial iceberg realor. Can you see an un-armed Mr. Gore take Mr. Polar Bear for an iced latte? On second thought, that is cruel and unusual punisment for the polar bears. They're probably capable of sealing the deal on their very own iceberg without the help of the fat guy....