Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drive-By Shooting: COUNTRY STYLE!

Someday, we're going to have to go home from church the usual way, instead of the back way.  But there's no hurry, unless'n I get caught shootin'.   

Because some day, I'm going to have shot all these barns from the window of the truck...and I'll have to find me some other barns that haven't been shot yet.

I'll be done used up all my luck, and it'll be run out.

And the owners of these purty old barns will say 

"There's that crazy drive-by shooter again!!  RUN!"


"Call 911!"

Unless, of course, I've got the big one out and I can shoot their barns from a mile away, then they won't even know.  

That is, unless they've got theirs out, and they're looking at ME.   Which might happen, there might be some nut out there who likes to shoot white Chevy Silverado pickups, of the 4 x 4 variety.

Could be.

But I doubt it. 

I'd say there'll be an APB out soon, "white female, white pickup, black camera, shooting everything out here all up!!"


And they'd be right.

I'm a hardened repeat offender:  a barn-shootin' woman.

I just cain't hep m'self.

(Don't worry about me, I'm on back roads only, never stop or disturb traffic, and most all of the barns I shoot are from abandoned homestead lots:  meaning they sit all by themselves in fields.

If I shoot barns that have residences with them, I only shoot from a mile or a half mile out, so I'm not rude to the homeowners or sometimes they can be shot while we're moving if my husband is driving.  Yes, he is an enabler in my barn quest.  A lot of today's pictures were taken from a slowly moving truck on old dirt roads.

I am, truly, sensitive to someone worrying about a camera aimed at their home or farm.  Out where we live, a lot of farm operations that once might have been family farms or livestock farms have been combined into one big crop farm operation and there are a ton of barns sitting all by their lonesome for me to shoot.  They are still used, but the farmer doesn't live at the lot where the barns sit.  Those are my favorites.)


Tractor Mom said...

I'm just glad you didn't ruin the barn that you "shot"....

peggy said...

I always want to do that when I see an old barn that I like, and that is usually every one. Have a warm day.

Penny said...

Great shots of those old beautiful barns! Such simple beauty out there on the back roads of America..... Thanks for sharing.

Aspiemom said...

Very creative post with great pics!

Anonymous said...

Your barn pics are so great. My dream house has always been a barn. Not gonna happen so looking at your beauties is the next best thing. Thanks.

Shirley said...

What a cute post! In PA, where my hubby grew up, there are Amish farms - who don't like their picture taken. I have to do drive-by shootings, too :)
There's just something about an old barn ...

Brenda Evans said...

I love old barns. When I visited New England states some years ago I took a picture of every barn on every backroad I saw. They have some really gorgeous old ones. Love your pics.

FHCS said...

LOL, you are so funny! Your pictures are just beautiful I can see why you can't help yourself. It's such a shame some of those barns sit abandoned....they are so pretty. Thanks for letting me dream on them! Stay warm and take care!

June said...

Joni you are so funny. I loved this post...not only are the pictures awesome, but your description of your shooting spree were great!
I think we just may be kindred. I love old barns (can't get enough of them), but I also drive a 4x4 Chevy Silverado pickup truck. LOL!

mary your sis said...

I'm glad yer one a them there serial shooters. Git 'em while the gittin's good, I always say. When my friends kid got hitched, him an his lil bride got some shootin done next to an old barn with tall weeds. I bet thems the best shots of the day, right there!

Donna said...

The second barn picture made my heart go pitter-patter! These are all just beautiful.

Linda said...

I love barns and you shot some great photos. I am a drive-by shooter also but I try to be very discreet about it. This is a very creative post! :o)

aimee said...

I plead guilty to the 'crime' too--oh, and I have an accomplice (aka enabler) that makes all of it possible:)
Love the barns!

kathi @ traybella said...

i have a barn fettish. thanks for feeding it today. ;)

Mel said...

Thanks for sharing the shots... fine pictures.

Makes you think of the history behind each and every one.

I am amazed at how well preserved those barns are.
It is a sad sight to see barns caving in, which we see a lot of here.

I do live in a barn, has always been a dream of mine, since I was about 15 yrs old.

Thanks again for the wonderful shots!