Friday, February 25, 2011

A Home of Their Own!

Bryant looks back at home.
Christmas 2010

The American dream.  A place to call your own.  It's where family lives.  Shelter from the worries and cares of the outside world.  A good piece of land and a spot for a garden.  A porch and a rocker.  A lamp in the window.  Shelter from all of life's storms.  Where you rock your babies to sleep.  Peace in a noisy world.
All these are home.

This is the scenery right behind their property.

Jamie and Thad (our daughter and son-in-law) were finally able, yesterday, to close on their first home!  They've rented it for years and have been in the process of buying it for all the years they've rented.  

There was a land dispute that was a long, legal battle to gain clear title to the land and it's finally theirs!  (The moral of the story is:  always get a survey done and always buy title insurance!) 

We are so happy for and so proud of them and their sweet house in the woods!  It's been quite a month for them:  finding out that a new  little baby will soon be joining their family, and now owning their first home!  What a happy time!

A really sweet spot to raise a family...


Patty said...

I have been reading your blog for a few years and I love your blog! You are one of my favorite reads each morning. Congratulations to your daughter and her husband on another baby and owning their 1st home! I loved your words about home. It means a lot to me because when the economy tanked a few years ago, we lost 2 homes and 2 jobs. I am still praying and believing for a new home. I even bought the book you recommended for starting a garden. :) We rent at the moment and I can't wait to have our own home.

Happy Friday and weekend!

Tractor Mom said...

Congratulations to the new home owners! Home is where your family is...

Ashley said...

Congratulations to them! That is so very exciting. And your pictures are lovely!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Congrats to them.
Life is hard.
Everyone needs homespun shelter for the days that won't end!

Connie said...

Congrats to them! Looks like a wonderful place to raise a family!

Susan said...

What a beautiful family. Good for them.

Linda said...

Congratulations to your daughter and her husband. A home and family are so your photos.

Hollace said...

Great news!

aimee said...

Wow! What beautiful photos! Congrats to your son-in-law and daughter on their first home!