Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Of Snowdrifts and Fresh Sheets...

Spring teased us on Monday.

She knows we have to wait, but likes to give us a preview.

Monday was a busy day with running errands and an evening basketball game, and the balmier weather was just wonderful to be outside in.  And I wished that I could hang the sheets out in that wind...

So today, I got up and got those sheets washed and out on the line.

But Spring wasn't sending anything along today but some sunshine. 

She was stingy on the warm breezes, but she did send a breeze nonetheless, so I took the bait.

The snowdrifts had melted yesterday and refroze last night, making them crusty mounds to stand on top of instead of sinking into.

This made the snowdrifts like a stool and the clothesline was at the level of my waist!  It was so funny, I was looking down on the top of the clotheslines instead of reaching upward for them!

I sort of felt like Jack on the Beanstalk!

Now, after a few hours out in the wind, they sit on the table in their basket, smelling of winter's crisp winds, and ready to go back on the beds.

And, they tempt me to sniff every time I walk by them!


How to dry sheets in the arctic tundra:

1.  Wash as usual, using liquid fabric softener or white vinegar in place of it for the rinse.

2.  Toss the sheet set into the dryer on normal for 10 minutes or so.

3.  Fold the sheets for the line in the house, out of the wind, then lay   them in the basket.  (Put on your coat and boots!)

4.  Pin on clothesline with extra pegs.

5.  Use clothesline props if your sheets drag on the snowdrifts.

6.  Let dry for a couple hours.

7.  Bring in and then look forward to bedtime, because they sure will smell good!

And while we're talking COUNTRY....did you see this? 

If you are on facebook, look up this magazine and become a fan, and won't you please let them know what you think of this cover, and their "take" on what COUNTRY is now?

They're asking, so I think we should take this opportunity to tell them that what they're trying foist on the readership is not warm, inviting, comfortable or cheerful--or even COUNTRY! 

I have subscribed to this magazine for years, and have been so disappointed lately.

Inside the magazine are several articles worth reading and spreads on homes worth seeing, and last month's cover was so different.  I am not sure if there is a battle going on inside amongst the editors, but let me tell you, if this is the direction they're heading, that subscription will expire and never be renewed.

Let them know what you think of this cover, it'll make you feel better.

And...would YOU register to win THAT cover?!


Farmgirl Cyn said...

Oh, yeah. Fresh, line-dried sheets. Is there any smell that is better? Well, except for newborn baby smell, I think not!

Lisa~A Cottage To Me said...

I remember my mom used to hang sheets and towels even out in the winter. There was nothing like the smell. Love it and miss it also!

Dar said...

How I miss my clothesline...hubby PROMISED he will hang me the best clothesline, again, when the ground thaws...we had to take my beloved one down, as it was located where the new garage now sits. I'd rather have a clothesline., really!
As for Country Living's new cover?...I already had the "drop my subscribtion" conversation with them. Besides, being to retro, no longer country, it's size is a real problem for these arthritic hands.
My friend also dropped hers. Something has to be happening there and they have got to feel the disappointment of their readers. I was a subscriber for eons.

Anonymous said...

Uh. About the "Country" Living magazine cover: I'm with you! It looks like someone just threw up in their mouth and then gave up and just let 'er fly! After being a subscriber for years, I gave up my subscription, realizing that a bunch of city slicker, high-rise dwelling, uber cold, robotic mod trend-followers were editing the magazine. I've since gotten many special offers to re-subscribe with the most recent listing a hot deal for a vaunted 82% discount!! Rah, Rah, Rah! If the majority of subscribers liked this stuff, they wouldn't be so obviously trying to give away their magazine. What are they smoking? With covers like this, they need to re-name the magazine "Bohemian Gypsy Living!"

Retropolitan Girl said...

I agree with your assesment of Country Living. My husband is an associate publisher of a magazine in a totally different market, so I recognize the hallmarks of a magazine with dwindling readership, as his mag is growing both in ad revenue and readership. If CL magazine was doing well, the advertisers would be lining up to buy more ads in the now anorexic magazine since it's now the only niche magazine supposedly geared to the country market. It makes one wonder if perhaps the Country Living staff isn't artificially inflating their readership numbers by adding and inflating "pass-a-long readership" stats to fool potential advertisers? If they're doing that, they're truly desperate. Yes, print magazines are an endangered species, because of social networking sites and the like, but Country Living formerly enjoyed a very loyal following. And there are healthy magazines on the market despite the current economy and increase in e-magazines. But now it seems readers have gone elsewhere, recognizing the futility of being loyal to a magazine who is completely out of touch with the very element they are purporting to represent. "Country Living" will be a dead horse soon if they continue to insult their readership as the current issue apparently has done.

The Lodge Lady said...

Oh, I do love lined dried sheets, which are a wonderful organic, natural sleep-aid! I nominate you to be a writer/photographer at Country Living magazine, Joni! I would much rather see a cover photo of sheets flapping on the line than an ugly ostrich butt on a pillow! I know, right? Since you surely wouldn't want to move operations to New York City, maybe CL could hire you to be a "field editor". Tee Hee!

Brenda Evans said...

I can smell those sheets from here - ummmmmm so good. I do miss line drying - it's to die for.

Anonymous said...

After quickly looking through CL it got tossed on the chair with disgust.Perhaps they need to change their name because it isn't even close to country. Get more enjoyment from back issues than this waste of trees. LOL

mary your sis said...

Dear OCF;
I'm busy today, so I'll make this comment uncharacteristically short. On the sheets, one word: MMMMMmmmmmmmm. (Is that a word?) On your post regarding Country Living magazine: Amen! And to Country Living Magazine, I have one word for you: Confused!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree. The editors at CL seem to have forgotten to take their bi-polar medication lately. Rather than Country Living, their title should be: Dorm-Room- Bachelor-Pad Meets San Fransisco-Not-So-Chic-WTF-Aunt Betty's-Lipstick-PMS-What-More-Can-I-Throw-In-This-Pile-of-Disparate-Objects-That-Clash-Identity-Crisis-Wouldn't-You-Like-To-Win-It-By-The-Way-We're-Giving-It-Away-Oh-No-My-Eyes-Are-Crossing Living Magazine. That title makes more sense. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I picked a lively conversational day to come visit. Have to admit it was the line drying flying sheets that drew me over.

Right now my washer is down so I have to make the trudge to the laundromat and use the dryers since I am there but I enjoy my wash hanging time. We hung extra line just before the snow flew so I am looking forward to spring.

I subscribe to the Hobby Farms magazines as well as Country Living. I thought I would have time to read them over winter but they are sitting on a pile. I've been doing my page turning online.

Now I know there is no hurry to get to CL.

shana said...

Love the drying sheets outside in the winter and I bet they smelled fabulous.
I hate the cover of CL and am going to let my subscription end and not renew. I also hate the new size not easy to read while lying in bed. This magazine is going to magazine heaven as well. Too bad it used to be a really good magazine.

Sister Patty said...

Great blog! I'm reminded once again how very far behind I am on working on mine.

Sister Patty said...

Great blog! Reminds me how very behind I am on my own... Thank you!

Sister Patty said...

Great blog! I'm reminded how very far behind I am on my own.

Thank you!

Donna said...

I bet your linens smell heavenly!

I quit taking Country Living several years ago. Their style of country hasn't been ringing true. I have been trying to minimize subscriptions anyhow.

Deb from Denver said...

This is my first time commenting on your blog, not sure I even know how to! As I read the CL post on Facebook, I didn't realize who you were. Your blog is one of the 'amazing blogs' I was referring to. This is country! Keep up the good work, I look forward to each and every post!

Becka said...
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Becka said...

I couldn't agree more.
I linked your post on my own blog this morning.
Please feel free to take a look. I have some very old pictures of a early Cl magazine.
Thanks for sharing.
Your friend in the country.
The Girasole Lady

Sentimental Sophie said...

The Country Living Magazine: where to begin? If they used the fresh color on the wall with perhaps some gingham, a few cheerful geraniums in the windowsill, and did with a little less mod-squad, it might be country we could enjoy. My question is this: If they need to ask us what is the new country, why are they editors of a magazine titled "Country Living?" Do they really want to know what we think, or are they just trying to be controversial?

Mandy said...

Oh, that dreadful Country Living cover!

When I pulled it out of the mailbox, I remember saying out loud "what in the world? . . ."

They aren't fooling true country dwellers. I was raised on a farm in Tennessee and my grandmother's farmhouse never looked like that!

The articles and recipes have a different tone too - not happy with that magazine!