Friday, February 20, 2009

What's NEW (old)? A trip to the thrift store pays off....

The top plate was a set of six, ($1.25 each, big money!) so those are staying here to live and will be put into my china cabinet to use for dessert plates. I just love the rich bright colors of the flowers in the centers.

Yesterday, I had a chance to stop at a Salvation Army store. When there are no garage sales, that's a winter destination for fun vintage finds as I'm sure you all know! As always, I grabbed a cart and went straight to the back to see what they call Bric-a-Brac. That and the old linens, are my favorite, I usually glance over at the furniture to see if there's antiques, the showcase up front with 'collectibles' and skip the rest. And at times I really luck out.

These are my goodies from yesterday. The little plates will make great gifts, soon I'll show you a gift I recently gave that included a couple little plates like these. The one with all the flowers in the middle was a set of six, so those will go in the china cabinet to use for desert plates. I can see using those to serve a piece of that thick cocnout cake after Easter dinner!

Not shown is a pizza stone with the metal rack that looks like it was used once and someone didn't know you had to season it before they're really great to use. It was $2! Also, I got a group of tall cut glass candy jars that my niece will use for her wedding reception's "candy bar" for about a dollar each!

A blue enamelware roasting pan. I think this will work great for a meatloaf, or it would be a great container for anything around the house that would need organizing.

And, with all the blue dishes I've got, I've never had one like this. It's a Currier and Ives print. You know where that's going! Yup, right into the cabinet in the living room!

And, finally this cut-glass hobnail dish...for less than $1~ Too good to leave there!


Anne Marie said...

Your gardens look great!! wow!
wonderful bright photos....

Rue said...

Hey there :)

I keep trying to get a chance to read your whole blog because I love it and was waiting to comment until then, but I kept getting interrupted! Life gets in the way ;)

So anyway now that I have time, I thought I'd say hi beforehand, so you didn't think I was ignoring you LOL I'm so sorry if you did!

Off to read.....


The Raggedy Girl said...

I love all your treasures but the flowered plate is really special.

Have a wonderful weekend from
Roberta Anne

Rue said...

Well I finished... I hope you got my comments throughout your blog in your email ;)

I feel like I've known you forever and I really do love your blog. Thank you for coming over to mine so that I could have this big ol' smile on my face :)

Oh and about those kitchen pictures you promised in the beginning of your blog????


Elenka said...

I love those dishes! I'll have to try Salvation Army..I always go to goodwill.

savvycityfarmer said...

I guess we are ALL on the same page...thriftn and all..I am convinced it is an wait, it is survival.

thanks for stopping...let's chat.

Linda said...

HEY..umm..I will have to go look in the attic (since I packed the hutch and later sold the hutch.) But, I am very sure I have plates and bowls of the first picture. Also, from the thrift store. I collect rose pattern.

Have a great day!!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Anne Marie: Many thanks for the compliments on our garden...too bad we'll have to wait at least three months to see the green grass and flowers bloomin'....but that's why I put those photos up to cheer me through the winter months!

Rue: I haven't made it through all of your postings yet, but I'm working on it *Ü*. I think you may have been at this a little longer than I have been but I love, love, love your old house! (Your newer house was pretty, too) but this old one is just gorgeous, with all that old woodwork, the staircase, it's fabulous! And some of the older ones that surround you are just fantastic. They don't make 'em like they used to! And the funny thing is alot of those old houses were kit houses, which to me is amazing with all the detail included!

Roberta Anne! I am so sorry to hear that you've been sick, ((HUGS) I just watched Miss Potter and your little description reminds me of her life: servants and gardens and time to just paint and imagine...I think we all need a little escape from time to time and you painted in words on your posting a little escape that you dream of! I really enjoyed your essay and like they say: we tackle the big things one bite at a time! Give yourself permission to work at your own pace! (You should see some of the messes in this house, as I sit here at the computer "talking" to friends!)

Elenka: That Florida post and the photos that you posted with it are GORGEOUS! Are you going to paint something while you're there or will you paint from some of your photos when you get back? I admire your paintings so much!

Cityfarmer: Thanks for looking in on my lil' blog! Yours are outstanding and I always enjoy your postings and your daughter's too!

Linda: Let me know if you find your plates! I want to see them! I only have the saucers, but like you, I love any little pieces of china with roses! Especially right now, with winter, I need something cheerful!

Well, I am off now to iron church clothes for tomorrow and then off to bed! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Amanda said...

h my gosh I have that same blue dish!! I love the thrift stores and am heading out tomorrow to see what I can find :)

i've started a new blog event called Thrifty Thursdays if you are interested in blogging along! :)

Love your blog, your farm looks so wonderful!

Joy said...

I love old dishes, and I love getting them for next to nothin! I think I might have a bowl in that top pattern in the first photo. The other day I saw a great old hutch that would be great to display my old dishes, but I have not place to put the hutch. Darn.