Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A "Retro-Housewife" Vintage Bridal Shower!

My beautiful (and sweet) niece, Autumn, in my farmhouse kitchen

I'm going to be having you help me with decisions for this fun retro bridal shower and the first decision is this picture that will be sent on a postcard bridal shower invitation. (I am using Maryjane's Farmgirl books for inspiration! Her books are so awesome.)

Should this photo for the postcard invite be done in black and white or color?

Let me know in the comments section...I'd appreciate it.

(And that cake taker she's holding? That's the one I had told you about that I found the last time we were in Alabama! Cute, huh? The apron? Mine, even though it's new, it looks old...and what a match for the caker taker!)


American Homemaker said...

I just did a retro tablescape... you should come check it out :)

American Homemaker said...

Oh... I like the color one.

Judy Kay said...

I think the black and white seems more retro.
Really pretty items.

Unknown said...

I can't decide....I'm sure either will be fine.

Felicia said...

Color! I love the color of that cake pan. And I think you should bright your lipstick to a brighter red to match. :) Looks great!

Farmgirl Cyn said...

B&W....looks so retro! Love the cake pan! Speaking of which, today is Farmboy's 59th birthday...gotta get myself in the kitchen to bake him a cake!

Thanks for the clothespin info...we have a Spartan store right up the street!

debbie bailey said...

The sepia one doesn't look right, because her hair is modern. I associate sepia with l800's photography. The colored one shows a modern bride with vintage props; the cake dome and the apron. I'd go with the colored one.

Rue said...

She's a beautiful girl! I love both pictures, but the black and white is more retro ;)

Oh and in answer to your question.... there isn't a story to the tree skirt. I just thought it was pretty :)


Donna said...

Black and white for Sure!!hughugs

LeaderOfTheChickenParade said...


Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

I like the black and white!!

aimee said...

Your niece Autumn is beautiful!
As for my opinion--it depends on what decade you're trying to recreate but I would go with the black and white photo if it were 1950's or older. My family photos from that time are black and white except for one that looks like it may have been hand painted??
You could add a bit of tint lightly to the B & W photo if you wanted to 'warm' it up a bit-you would have to play with it and see if that works or not (can you tell I love playing with photo software?)
If 1960's on -- color would be fine; maybe a bit faded like an old polaroid photo.
I LOVE the idea:) Good luck!
Blessings, Aimee