Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Am Busy Just Now....But I'll be Back!

Postcard postmarked 1917

Just stopped in to tell you really quick that I'm going to be absent a few days...we painted a couple of rooms and I never realized just how much stuff there is to purge/dump/sort and....well, you get the idea! As I pull out another box of books to sort, I sometimes feel like the little pupil on the postcard...Whaaaaaa!
I homeshooled my youngest son until the end of fifth grade, and I didn't realize how many teaching/learning/supplemental materials I had accrued/amassed/acquired in those six years. The subject books all went out the door via eBay, but now I'm sorting other things such as art and books and supplies! So I am taking a little trip down memory lane with all these books I'm sorting. Such warm and special times we spent curled up together: first--as I was teaching him to read--then after he took off on his own, he and I both spent many hours on the couch reading old classics and new ones! Read-aloud time was my favorite part of teaching at home. And even more rewarding was when he'd spend an hour each morning reading a chapter book, from first grade on! I kept a log of all the books he read in those years and they number in the hundreds!
I also have curtains to find or to make for one of the very large windows, so I will take a few days or so off. I think they'll have to be sewn, these old windows are really odd sizes and I rarely find anything ready-made that will fit. There're carpets to clean, windows to wash, just a general spring cleaning, and long past due!
I hope to be back by week's end. I need to take advantage of the rare sunny days we've been having lately. (In Michigan, a day or two in February that reaches neary sixty degrees is cause for celebration! And grilling out!)
So, til then, take care not too get into too much trouble yourself!


Linda said...

Waving to you..I understand all to well what your going through. Happy "purging"☺- check in when you can, please..by the way, I love all the pictures on your blog..not sure if I mentioned that or not last week. Blessings

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Thanks Linda! Homeschooling is a for sure way to get lots and lots of interesting stuff into your home, isn't it?! And, I love it all but it sure makes NO sense to keep it all!

How's the weather in Alabama lately?

The Raggedy Girl said...

I just dropped by and I will stay here in this little box and wait for you to come back....smiles!
Roberta Anne

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, just found your comment on the "Lucy and Ethel" post and about fell off my chair!!!
Oh, I miss purging. It is so hard to do with my little chickens at my legs and it's so NOT what I want to do during naptime!
I'll be homeschooling too! Another thing we have in common
Are you excited about tomorrow or what???

PS - I am from G.R. with family in Muskegon, Kalamazoo, Evart, etc...

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Not tomorrow - sorry, that is my glass of wine typing. I keep thinking today is Friday and that the race is Saturday again - good grief.
Nonetheless, can't wait til SUNDAY!

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Parisienne...yes, all here are excited about Sunday. In a way, I wish it was Saturday night, I just enjoy those races more, for some reason: more relaxed maybe?! And, when we go to church, there's usually a couple of people we can visit with or talk to after church about the race if it was the night before.

I loved your story about Lucy and Ethel and laughed right out loud! And your little ones are so adorable, I'm telling you I could just pinch those little cheeks!

Linda said...

Weather is warm, but rainy. lol..Not complaining though. smiles and blessings