Friday, February 6, 2009

Hello? WASHINGTON? Are you THERE? IT'S THE little people CALLING! HELLO?

Can you hear me, Washington? I'm the one of the little people? Down here. Wayyy down. Yeah. That's me. Remember me? I'm a little person, yes: a lowly taxpayer.
Yes. I said A TAXPAYER. We actually PAY our taxes. One of those little people. Yes, there are still some of us left. Just that not many of YOU seem to pay YOURS.
I just dialed 202-224-3121. Can I talk to my representative? His voice mail is full? Hmmm...I wonder why? Have you seen a list of the PORK in this bill? Things that have zero to do with creating a job?
(And, the whole premise of this bill is suspect. Because, since when does the government create a PRODUCING job?? The PRIVATE SECTOR produces jobs. If the government would make it easier to do business, we'd all be better off. If the government would allow us to keep more of our own paycheck or even a flat tax, the economy would take off. But. That's too simple for these elitists!)
Oh....People....You can stop reading now if you don't like where this is going. But I have to vent. This is really getting to me.
Almost to a TRILLION.
And, Obama says "This is just the beginning."
I can hardly stand to watch the news. I want to yell back at the television but I know it won't matter. The deaf politicians don't, won't, can't hear me. And, even when I call them at their offices, they don't hear. They're DEAF.

Do they "hear me" when I call their office to let them know what I think of their the form of a "stimulus package"? No. They no longer listen to the little people.

Millions of us little people have taken the time and called. Millions have, in fact, between working their fingers to the bone to make a living and SUPPORT THE GOVERNMENT.
We've done what we're told will make a difference. We've called or emailed Washington to SAY NO.

But, do they care? Do they listen to the little people?

How about this: how about the little people DE-STIMULATE WASHINGTON?

Let's remove the porkers from their "spa weekend" that they're all at in Virginia, which WE little people ARE PAYING FOR!

Let's remove the porkers fat salaries, benefits and retirement packages that we, the little people pay and pay and pay endlessly for!

This has been the worst representation of the little people that I have EVER SEEN!

The little people, in the fall of last year, said an overwhelming and resounding "NO" to a bailout plan for the Banks and for Wall Street. "LET THEM FAIL!", the little people say. Let the market work! BUT NO! The politicians know better than we, they cannot, must not, let the banks or Wall Street fail, so they throw BILLIONS at the problem.

It's now months later, did the billions of dollars thrown at that problem help? No. Do we know where the money went? No. So, what does Congress do? They did exactly what Congress does best, only now they want to throw even more money-- TRILLIONS--AT THE PROBLEM! A problem that cannot be fixed with printing off billions and billions more dollars! (Who can even FATHOM such an amount? I know the little people can't.)

So, once again--and unfortunately for Washington--the little people find out about the actual contents of this so called "STIMULUS" package, the plans Congress has for spending OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY. The little people respond. Again.
The little people call. The little people write. The little people email again! And what does Congress want to do? IGNORE US AGAIN!
What do we have to do? MARCH IN THE STREETS?

And WHO IS IT these "representatives" are supposed to be representing? THE LITTLE PEOPLE?
Who do they listen to? EACH OTHER! Why certainly not the little people who are paying all these whopping "Bailout" and "Stimulus" packages?

Why listen to the little people? What do they know? They're just the ones paying for it, them and their children and their children's children! Yes, we'll be paying for this one FOREVER.
Stop, Washington. Think. AND LISTEN. Your little people are TALKING TO YOU.
Little people, put this number on your speed dial....and call it, often, today.

Thank you. That concludes my public service announcement for the day. Try to have a good day, Little People. But most of all, keep working, keep paying your taxes, you silly little people! Someone has to fund those clowns in Washington and their wacky ideas!
UPDATE: I heard that due to the LITTLE PEOPLE responding, the voicemail and email system cannot keep up with the calls and emails. So, if you want to write and snail mail a letter, go ahead, but the best bet would be to type on your computer and then FAX a letter to your representatives. Again, GOOGLE for your representative's fax number, or call the capitol switchboard number, listed above and get the fax number for your representatives. Remind them that they work for YOU.
Let's let them hear our voices. Let's HOPE they listen and CHANGE their minds.


Unknown said...

Thanks for setting such a great example for all of us, Joni. The Bible calls us to participate in our government. Once the voting is done, we need to keep talking to them...until it's time to vote again.

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Unfortunately,I think this goes WAY deeper than us "little people" know. We can speak, but they will not listen. said...

I know others are fed up, and I know they are not listening.

I think it is time for all of us to go to Washington and say, enough, start listening to us.

Who will go with me, lets go!

Chanda said...

I say amen all the way sister. It makes me sick too. I can hardly stand to imagine how much more income tax we will start to pay. maybe we should all just stop writing tax checks, they can't put all of America in jail. It's just sickening I know.

Anonymous said...

Oh about instead oh Obama
try O-shit!!!