Friday, February 27, 2009

Ready and Set to Go!

I had asked a few days ago for help in finding clothespins, specifically the spring-type made of a hard plastic. Roberta Anne, from Little House In the Desert suggested to look at the grocery stores. What a smart suggestion, I had only been looking at the larger department stores like Target, Wal-Mart and KMart. It took me a whole morning to find them (I was on a mission!), but I came home victorious and am glad to say that I'm ready for spring now...yup. REALLY READY. (As in, I can hardly take another day of this gloomy weather that can't make up its mind!! But, we're gettin' there, slowly but surely!)

These clothespins are by Diamond, (the same company that makes boxes of wooden matches) and I found them in my local Spartan grocery store. They are strong and durable, and don't mark up my lights and my whites like their cousins, wooden clothespins. Out here, clothespins have to be DURABLE above all else, the wind can get quite wicked and we can't have any mamby-pamby little clip-type clothespins, believe me, I've tried 'em! Only the heavy-duty ones will do. I mean, I don't like to look outside and see the family's jeans laying on the ground!

And, for my new and much-loved heavy duty clothespin bag, I must thank Robin at Robin's Stitches on ETSY...for this very large, durable weatherproof clothespin bag. It measures 11" x 11.5", so it's a big girl! She's a FARMGIRL'S clothespin bag. (I'm thinking of buying my neighbor one for her birthday, I think she'd love it!)

In reality, I'd sure like to have a cute-sy bag that looks vintage, but out here where I live, with the strong winds and dirt blowing around from the farm fields, this one is perfect because the rain can wash right through it, and the sun get through the weave to dry the clothespins out for me instead of mildew being able to grow. It's an ingenious design, really! And it holds a ton of pins, which I need because I have five long lines so I can hang EVERYTHING out at once if I want to.

So, BRING ON SPRING! I'm ready! And yes, I'm weird, but hanging out the laundry, to me, is one of the biggest pleasures of the nicer weather. I LOVE IT! And I cannot wait! Bring on the fresh, clean breezes!


Unknown said...

I don't think your weird at all. I hang clothes out almost year round. I have a folding rack in the house that I use almost daily, and if the weather is good enough I'll set the rack on the porch, plus I have a clothesline out back. I don't freeze dry only because I don't want to be outside when it's that cold, but if it's at least 40 I'm outside hanging clothes up on my clothes line. I love it because the laundry smells so good, I'm saving money and the enviornment which is a win win in my book.;D

Farmgirl Cyn said...

I also LOVE hanging out my laundry...especially the bedsheets! Can't beat the smell of air dried laundry. We also live in what I call "little house on the prairie", tho we're right on the outskirts of town. The wind from the west can be wicked, and I have to anchor my laundry with more clothespins than one would normally use. Fields on either side of us make it difficult also, with the dust blowing in.
Still worth it to me! And I do hang laundry in all but the worst weather!

The Vintage Housewife... said...

ooh my word a kitten after my own heart...i get so much joy from hangin laundry...and the smell...oooh honey...i love the retro bridal shower...oh and thank you for your kind words and prayers...thank you cat

elmaelsiena said...

Oh I am like you. I hang out wash all year.I do believe the neighbors all think I am nuts but withe eight kids laundry is never endind:) In the winter there is nothing like climbing in bed that have fresh lines from the wash line.I think lines smell fresher in the winter and my little kids love the smell to. I also have a metal drying rack that my mother bought me in canada that I hang things on and shove it out the side door onto the deck. I love hanging out wash and yes I LOVE to clean my house. Here onthe farm we allways have a ton of wash.

Mary Q Contrarie said...

You are not strange at all. I can not have a clothesline since I live in an apartment but I LOVE my laundry racks that I can put out on the patio in the summer. I can even air dry my clothes in the winter with these.