Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For the Little Kid in Me!

I love children's books! I have some in particular that I want to keep, and I guess the reason is that they're so darn cute. From the graphics on the cover to the little kids on the pages, the machines, styles and homes of yesteryear...all of it is too sweet to get rid of. I'll show you what I mean. This one in particular, a collection: A Treasury of Little Golden Books, 48 Best Loved stories, copyright 1966.

I'm sure that we can all remember being at the dimestore when we were little, and getting the opportunity to buy our own "Little Golden Book" and it was such a thrill, taking the time to carefully choose it, (and a bargain thrill for 29 cents!) and holding onto it and looking at it all the way home and just waiting for when we could hear it read to us, how proud we were when we could finally read them on our own! I had a nephew when I was a preteen and I loved reading to him before naptime or bedtime when he was at our house. My kids had their share of Little Goldens and they're up in the attic right now, I'll share with them when they have their own kids. I'm hoping they like old stuff!

I've always had a soft spot for children's books and Little Golden Books in particular, and this has some of the best stories inside! I think we all remember the Poky Little Puppy, Tootles the Train, Scuffy The Tugboat, The Saggy, Baggy Elephant, The Tawny, Scrawny Lion, all those! They and more are in this big book. Here's a little look inside!

I am now heading to the kitchen for "clean out the fridge day"...and a whole lot of cooking will be going on. I have leftover chicken so there will be chicken noodle soup in the pot, and a chicken pot pie in the oven. I have beef to use so I'm also going to start a big pot of beef, vegetables and barley soup! I'll also pop some homemade cornbread in the oven while the chicken pot pie bakes....it's a cold, cloudy, gloomy day so this is just what I need: the house smelling good and feeling cozy. Wonder if I dare mix up a batch of cookies....?


Linda said...

AWESOME! I have some of those books, too. Blessings

Pink Slippers said...

Books like that have a very special place in my heart.

Donna said...

I Love All these stories! Thank you for the FUN comment you left on my blog!!Hahaa...And SO Darn True!!! Idiots!
Here's praying we can turn it Around in 2010!!
I Love your blog, by the way!! I'll be back for more sweetie!hughugs

The Raggedy Girl said...

This is funny because I was just thinking about Little Golden Books yesterday.

Roberta Anne

Janet, said...

I don't remember having them when I was a kid, but I love Little Golden Books. For some reason I started collecting them, but I had to stop, I was getting too many. I love the graphics in the old books. I guess we all have a little kid in us.