Friday, February 6, 2009

Let the Fun BEGIN!

This is the weekend! It's the weekend for the NASCAR season to start, and as usual, our family greets it happily. That SOUND on the television. Your old friends, the announcers, the driver interviews, all of it! The colors, the happiness, comaraderie, the pageantry, the military jet flyovers the national anthem, 160,000 people cheering (or booing!) all at once!

Dreaming of the day when we can go to the TRACK this spring in the mountains at Talladega and hear the helicopters overhead, see the crowds, wait in traffic six lanes deep for miles and miles waiting to get into the facility....just to smell the racing fuel and FEEL the cars, almost fifty of the suckers, deafeningly loud and rumbling, throwing out the ear plugs because you can't stand not hearing it....all those big high-horsepower engines running and shaking you in your seat, even fifty rows up! Feeling the wind the vortex makes as all those cars pass at 185 mph in front of your seating stand, yes, you can feel it even fifty rows up!

Now that the NFL is behind us and March Madness is ahead, we know it's time to START OUR ENGINES! YAY!

Tomorrow night you know where our family will be. In front of the television, forgetting everything but the race. We'll be watching the action in Daytona! Here's hoping for a great season, competetive, controversial, and full of great racing and great finishes! Fun with friends whether in front of the television, or at the race: fun in the sun at your favorite track is just around the corner! GO JUNIOR!

Favorite track: TALLADEGA!

Favorite driver: Dale Earnhardt, Jr. (but they're all brave guys to do that every week!)

Pettey Ride-alongs? YESSSS!!!!

Favorite ride along track? TALLADEGA!


Parisienne Farmgirl said...

um, hello??? Where have you been all my life??? Photography? Politics and NASCAR????????!!!!!!! Are we kindred spirits or what???? I CANT WAIT TIL TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! Just tell me you're not a Jeff Gordon fan!
As for me and my house - GO JUNIOR!!!!
Thank you SO MUCH for stopping by! I hope you become a regular!!!

Parisienne Farmgirl said...

Oh, dugh, perhaps I should have actually read the post. 88!!!!!
And then I just saw brown eggs on your side bar, this is getting scary.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Yes, we're kindred spirits! I've read your blog for over a year and I finally started my own late last year. I love your blog and your home! You are very talented.

Anonymous said...

I hear you! We're going to the Duels on Thursday and we can't wait! Hopefully this will be JR's year

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

I hope Junior has a better year. He really could use it! And so could his fans! Isn't the sound of racing on the television a good thing to hear? Ahhh....I've missed you Darrell and Co.!

Rue said...

You lucky lucky woman!! I haven't been to a race since we left Virginia :(

Rue said...

Oh and hate me and hate Rich but I love Harvick and he loves Tony ;)

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

No hatin' here! I like Harvick very much and I even like Tony on his bad least he's real and not politically correct!!! The only two I really don't care much for is the Busch brothers. But, you have to say they can drive, they're just not real likeable. Tony's a great driver and I was so happy to see Harvick win at Daytona!