Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Re-Cap

Some sweet little retro-bluebird burp cloths all ready for a baby shower for a little girl.

I did the math and these little burp cloths cost me about $1 each, (I found the flannel on sale for $2.49 a yard) so for around $6. I can give a nice bundle of six of these for a shower gift and put a little something extra with a rattle or teether.

And a little flannel blanket quilt that's also ready for a little one to snuggle under! It's in the most gorgeous shades of pink/purple/perwinkle; a print of little sleeping babies!

Little piggie burp cloths stacked and ready...find out how to make them here. They're fun, quick, easy and practical! Way better than a cloth diaper and what fun to choose your flannel fabric combinations!

And....for the little boy babies, some cute prints of tractors, trains, bulldozers....

And some under-the-sea friends ready to catch the burps...

My sewing machine hadn't seen me in way too long. I sew in my daughter's old room, I converted it into a little craft room and decorated it in Mary Englebreit fabrics, yellow walls, red gingham curtains and accents.

I LOVE the weekends my husband is off work Saturday/Sunday. This weekend it's still so cold, blustery and snowy out so we snuggled in for most of the weekend:

Homemade pizza and breadsticks for supper Friday night

Luke and Dad went to a school basketball game on Friday night

We all stayed up late Friday night

I watched a movie all in one sitting, THE CHANGELING, it was very good. Clint Eastwood is the director, and it's set in the 1920's. I think you'd like it (very good set and costumes, but very much not a feel-good movie!). A chilling story indeed and well worth watching.

Everyone slept in Saturday morning (awesome!)

Had a pancake and bacon breakfast around noon, and all still in our pajamas

I went to the antique store for a little while in the afternoon

I stopped in to see a friend for an hour or two on the way home and admire the scrapbook she made for her daughter who married in November, it was BEAUTIFUL!

We had a homemade soup and egg salad sandwiches for supper Saturday night

I got to do a little sewing Saturday night! (While I did that, I watched "MISS POTTER" all the way through, what a treat!)

I even got some mending done that has been sitting for months and now can wear my favorite pajamas again!

Sunday morning a roast went into the oven

We went to church
(Pastor's sermon was a very good one)

We came home and finished fixing dinner and ate!

Oldest son cleaned up the kitchen

Husband painted the entryway

I got to sew some more, a LOT more!

Then there was a NASCAR race

The Oscars are on televison! ( I watch to see the dresses not the bilge that is spouted there, and I thought Reese Witherspoon had the most stunning dress! But then, I'm partial to her from her very first movie on!)

In between it all, laundry's done!

I won't mention what I should have been doing, but it involved no fun at all!
And I don't care! (I said "SHOO GUILT!")

I'll feel so good about all I accomplished, the cleaning can wait surely until Monday or Tuesday!

And now we begin a brand new week...

Wednesday afternoon my son's junior high basketball season starts. It should be a fun week!


The Raggedy Girl said...

It really sounds like a lovely weekend. Except for some wallpaper removal we kind of played around too.

Roberta Anne

Jena Williams, Not So Shabby Interiors said...

Well, not only do you have a wonderful supportive family,son washing dishes and husband painting but you did ALOT this past weekend! And staying in your pajama's-I just love those days!! I wish you a wonderful week and hope it reflects on your wonderful weekend!


Donna said...

GoodNess! You were BUSY!!! Glad you had a great weekend sweetie!hughugs

Anonymous said...

Hi, it was so nice of you to "stop by". I didnt receive your first comment because for some reason blogger decided I should "ok" it first? I never saw it till I went to do the next post. The camera I use is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ8. Your bluebird fabric is adorable, i absolutely love it! I really like Mary Englebreit too, she has such an unsual and fun style. Bye for now, kelly

Elenka said...

Sounded like a very good weekend. Those are the kind I like. Especially the parts with the pj's !

Zita - Mlle Magpie said...

Love your fabulous burp cloths, especially the first two ! A most wonderful baby shower gift, and most importantly, handmade with love. BTW, thanks for stopping by!