Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Farmhouse Dining Room Re-do

Just some pictures of the dining room once we got it done. I'm still in the process of figuring out a window treatment that I'm going to like. For now, I have lace curtains up. I'd like to replace them with shutters and a cottage-y valance before summer.

The old clock shelf got a new look...

The china cabinet needs to be cleaned out, but the top looks nice! I'm not quite all done!

I recovered all the seats of the old chairs with this fabric, and I wish I had bought several more yards, I've had it for so long, I don't remember where I got it!

This old tablecloth looks pretty good in here now that we're all finished!

On the corner here you can see the little stamped tag that says CHEVROLET 4774

The old file cabinet from the Chevy plant. We love Chevies in this house. And someday, we'll strip this baby down to the wood, but for now it's got some shiny brass hardware and a coat or two of paint. All the hardware was spray painted when we got it. And the cabinet was an uninspiring dingy yellow color. This old wooden file cabinet is made well and can be repaired if needed and refinished too, and last for fifty more years at least!

This is the little corner from which I visit with you! On an old tiger oak oak library table my computer, printer and tower sit...the modern desk chair will not fit under the table. I don't know exactly what to do there, I don't like how it looks, but a tiny little wooden chair is not comfortable at all! I saw a wooden rolling desk chair modeled after older desk chairs like our teachers used to have at Pottery Barn this afternoon but it was mighty pricey, even at the outlet. I may try to find something similar at an antique store. Or I might try making a slipcover for the big newer office chair, I have fabric leftover.

On the buffet sits my new old ironstone soup tureen that my mom gave me for Christmas. It's been hers since the 1960's and now it's mine. That's the best kind of present!

I hope you like seeing my work that we've been doing the last few weeks! I so enjoy seeing all of your projects...it's like my childhood dream come true...being able to actually look inside other homes!

Oh, and speaking of looking at other homes, wishing you could peek inside...take a gander at this page and see if there's any homes here you think you'd like to peer into the windows!


Silver said...

Home Decorating is always fun. I still do it as i go along, especially when there are inspirations flooding me all of a sudden. Not all the time. Sometimes when that happens, i don't know if i shd use that time for writing or decorating!


from One Day at a Time/ Reflections

Unknown said...

I checked out that link and all I can say is "not for me." I like your house better.;D

I mostly decorate with things I find at garage sales and thrift stores. I love antiques and I have found plenty of them in our barns so I use them. I love being resourceful by repurposing things. (Why pour a sidewalk when you have antique bricks in a pile out back?) I also enjoy decorating with my quilts. I don't like clutter so I try not to make it look like a gift shop...all busy looking. My goal it to keep my decorating warm, cozy, child friendly, and simple.

I love your house and your color scheme is so cheerful! I would feel right at home there! I'm still reading your blog and I've found so many posts that are similar to mine. We are a lot alike.

The Raggedy Girl said...

Everything looks so pretty and I bet it feels so good to be close to finished. I just bought paint and now have to actually get it on the wall!! I have so many plans and it goes so slow. Your room is so well put together.

Roberta Anne

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

THanks for your nice comments! I so much enjoy looking at all of your beautiful blogs!

Silver: your food photos are wonderful and what a lot of nice blogs you manage! I am still looking back through the archives..what fun!

Milah: I love your beautiful new old mantle, what a wonderful piece and what a thrill it must have been to actually get to put it to use! That is a wonderful addition you completed last year.

Roberta Anne: I wish you the best on your painting project, it's so much to go through but so worth it!

Anonymous said...
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