Sunday, February 1, 2009

SIMPLE SUNDAYS....Fishing at the Pond

The church we attend is a country church and sits on a big piece of acreage, almost park-like. There's a huge lawn with a baseball diamond at the rear, and a grove of maple trees with a good pavilion and a nice-sized pond. Occasionally, on a Sunday afternoon in spring, summer or fall, Lem and Luke load up a cooler, get the poles and grab some worms from the garden and head off for a pleasant couple of hours fishing at the pond. Their favorite to catch and release are the big bass there.
And every chance they get after a church potluck in the pavilion, they'll head over to the pond, like many other dads and sons. I thought I'd share today a couple photos of a simple Sunday afternoon pastime. There's something so simple and pure about fishing: you don't need to do much to feel a kinship and companionship, and nothing better for a dad and his son to make quiet memories to tide them over during the hectic and busy days of their lives, not just now but forever!


Anonymous said...

Nice catch and great memories!

The Raggedy Girl said...

If our church had a fish pond I would never see my hubby again. Great pictures.
Roberta Anne