Saturday, November 5, 2011

Good Stuff: Glossing Shampoo

I don't often make recommendations from this blog unless something is awesomely good.  Like Dunkin' Donuts coffee...that required a blog post. 

This shampoo has me smiling.  Why?  Because after years of being gray and having my hair colored--and I'm not going to stop!  Well, my hair has been over processed and was like a pile of straw, dry and dull--wild and crazy.  

One day I went to Sally Beauty Supply and this was sitting on the counter.  I bought it--it was on sale and I had a store credit coming and I paid five dollars for both bottles.  I thought that if nothing else, if hard times come, I'd have a couple large bottles of shampoo and conditioner to tide us over.  Yes, that's how I think.

I didn't use it right away, but in the last week, and to my absolute amazement, I have been using it and have noticed that once again my hair looks like hair, not like a pile of straw!

This shampoo, for me, has been nothing short of amazing because of so many frustrations with dull and lifeless hair and for someone with thick and wavy, unruly coarse hair-- to have shiny and smoother hair, well, it just requires a shout out!

Soft, shiny hair?  Me?  No way!

Yes, it's true!


Got any recommendations of your own?


Tiffany said...

Thanks for telling us! & I have TWO different kinds of DD Coffee! Yum.

Our Country Bungalow said...

Hmm...I'll have to check this out. As I have gotten older, my hair has gone from soft and wavy to crazy like the witch in the Bugs Bunny Hansel and Gretel cartoon.
Thanks for the tip!

Kerin said...

So glad you found an awesome product that actually works.

Have a great weekend, and bounce that hair :)

Brenda Evans said...

My shout out is Alegria shoes - AMAZING comfort. They look clunky but when you put them on your feet they are not at all. Most comfort I've had in ages. Yes, they are worth the money. This shampoo sounds like something I will try. My hair feels so dry because here in Denver CO it is dry so I will buy some of this and see how I like it. Thanks for the tip!

Cousin B said...

Thanks for the tip! I'm in same boat, and always looking for that soft, silky hair I had years ago.

Anonymous said...

Hello Miss Joni! I absolutely love your blog and the beautiful pictures of your home and outdoors:) I too am a lover of old houses and am blessed to live in one. I'm commenting from my mum's lovely blog... my bloggy is if you would like to visit me and my cottage in the woods of Virginia! :)
I enjoyed visiting ya and hope the Lord blesses you with today with peace and joy. Happy Fall!

sherry said...

i proclaim {{{ proclaim }}} products from the roof top! i've used proclaim hair glosser for *years* and had NO idea they carried shampoo and cream rinse. gasp! i'm on a mission to purchase those TODAY. thank you!!!