Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dreaming in White...

We woke to a winter wonderland this morning, reports of anywhere from 4-6 inches.  And was it ever beautiful, and it stuck to everything that was wet.  It blew straight out of the north and the north side of everything was frosted in voluminous white glitter and everything hung heavy with the weight of winter's first blast.   

Winter blew her frosty winds and carved out some lovely drifting for us, too, and today I went on a little trip and did some drive-by shooting on the back roads and I hope to show you some of those shots soon.

Those drives relax me so much, they are therapy.  Give me open fields with a couple farms per mile with barns in each yard, and I'm a happy girl.  Who needs massages? Time at a spa?   
Nah...just give me a truck and some open roads with a camera strapped on my neck.  I'm good.  Add snow?  Ahhh....!   
I just roll down the window, travel the gravel, and crank up the heat.  And the Christmas tunes, today those were perfect!  :0)   
Humming all the way . . .

It's not until our big blue spruce out from are laden with snow that I truly notice how huge they've become.  We bought these from a tree farmer maybe fifteen years ago or less, and they were 5-6' tall and now stand as tall or slightly taller than our tall house.  

It's amazing, and already I'm thinking of the day they might have to go, and I do NOT want to think about it.

They never look better than they do with a beautiful snow cover, making them look just like gigantic Christmas trees.

Our barn was frosted in the icy snow, too, almost completely concealing the big red barn star that hangs on her.

And if you ever wondered what the old farmhouse porch looks like buck nekkid...well here she is in all her unadorned glory.  


((She tells me she's embarrassed.  I bought her Christmas greens today, she should be all decked out for Christmas in a few days here.  All will soon be well.))


Deanna said...

oh so pretty! I'd call this therapy as well. Freshly fallen snow before it's disturbed is beautiful!

God bless and have a Happy Holiday,

Rebecka Vigus said...

Just beautiful.I awoke to sunshine and green grass. No snow this far north. I know what you mean about the spruce trees, though. We planted mine 23 years ago. They were about 3 ft high. They are huge now. I love them when they are covered with snow. Still waiting for that first snowfall.

Susan Holt Simpson said...

WOW - the snow is beautiful! What a lovely home you have!

Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh it is just beautiful. Like a Christmas card. I would do the same travel the gravel therapy too if I lived there.