Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Back Road Beauty & A Little Nitty Gritty

I have to clean my house today.

Get down to the NITTY GRITTY.  
Did your mom say that?
Mine did.


Haven't done it in over a month.

I left here on October 1st and's November 2nd.

The men did a good job keeping things picked up, but nobody had time for deep cleaning!

So it's up to me to pull out the diaper and get to work.


You don't use a diaper to dust?! 
(Oh, the dust, girlfriends! WOW!)

Diapers are good for more than a baby's bottom, or a burp cloth!  Hehe!  My word, I've had the same diapers for years.  They're the best, last forever!

Once I get the dusting done, then I can break out the SWIFFER and get my hardwood clean.

Did I ever tell you that you can "jail break" your SWIFFER?!  Yes, you can.  That means you can use your OWN liquid and your OWN cloths instead of the ones the makers of the product invented it with--$o that you would only u$e their refill$. 

I heard that you can heat the lid of that bottle in a pan of boiling water (only stick it in there for a minute once the water is already boiling!) and then use a towel or something to protect your hands from the heat, and remove the cap.  

I tried it, it worked and you can refill that thing with your own Murphy's Oil Soap and water (mostly water, just a few capsful of soap will do), or whatever you like.  Shake the bottle good once you get the cap back on and you're good to go!

I also made myself some dusting cloth/mop cloths and used the box my store-bought cloths came in to keep a couple of each kind in them ready to go at all times.  

To make these cloths, I used the micro-fiber dusting cloths you can buy at Sam's in a large package for about $10. The loops on the microfiber grab the velcro on the SWIFFER.  I have all I need, for as long as that SWIFFER holds out.

Once the dusting is done, and the floors are done, the kitchen needs a deep cleaning.  I did a lot of canning late this summer before I left and it's just time to give it the annual "once-over"... GRITTIN'!

I hope to also hang out all the sheets to dry on the line, it's a rare day of 65-degree weather and sunshine in November, I have to take advantage!

These photos were taken on the way home from church on Sunday, it's a sweet place my husband found on his way home from work one day and he said he knew I'd love it.  

So Sunday morning before we left the house, he told me to grab my camera and we'd go to that special spot.

He knows how I like "drive-by shooting" with my Rebel.  And how I love roaming those old back roads with him and Luke on a Sunday afternoon.

I hope you love it, too!   I have no idea whose place this is, but how neat is that, to have a little mini-town on your property, which just happens to sit by a little river, and the river happens to have an old abandoned bridge over it--sitting right next to your little village?

I can imagine picnics and parties and family reunions in a place like this.  The picture backdrops alone are something to envy!


Do you have some nitty gritty in your day?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the new baby girl she is adorable, I was wondering about some of your pictures, do you ever sell any I would be willing to pay you for some 8x10 copies, just let me know, Thanks Vivian .....

Our Country Bungalow said...

I love the photos.

I am getting after some grit her today as well. Gotta get stuff done while we have this last bit of warm weather!

As always, I really enjoy your blog. :-)

Kerin said...

Oh yes.. I have tons of nitty gritty in my day :)
Better get going.

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

Hi Vivian!

I would love to get you some pictures, just let me know what you want and send along your email address to:

and then we'll talk prices and where to ship them to.

Wow, I feel so honored that you would want to buy some photos!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tips! I'll have to bookmark them for future reference. Lovely photos--as usual. :-)

aimee said...

Good luck with your grit! I will, soon, be doing the same here--lost one day due to sheer laziness and a broken kitchen faucet:)
Be blessed,

Unknown said...

I've dusted with diapers for years. I recently went shopping for new cloth diapers as mine are mostly threads now, and I had the hardest time finding them. I finally found them at Walmart.
I also use micro-fiber clothes on my swiffer. And I found that warm & natural quilt batting scraps work well too. I'm pretty resourceful, always looking for ways to get the job done and save $$.

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Love those picture.

Holly said...

Beautiful photos! I need to get nitty gritty, but alas, I'm not. If I could just quit my job, give up my hobbies, not feed anyone, and stop playing on pinterest, maybe then I could get some cleaning in...then again, maybe not!!!!!
Okay, it's not that bad! I too use the diapers...for so many things! They are the best!!

mary your sis said...

Beautiful photos; what a lovely spot! I better get off the computer and get down to the nitty gritty. Hehe.

mary your sis said...

Hey Joni;
Wasn't there a band called the "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band"? I wonder if they lived near us and heard our mother say that phrase a time or two?