Saturday, November 12, 2011



'scuse me!  Did I do that?


It felt good!

No, not the burp!

I just got done with a shower gift.

It went quick and was fun.  

And the good thing?  
It's simple for even the most novice stitcher.

What you need:
A package of CLOTH DIAPERS. 
 (Mine were 7.99 at TJ MAXX.)

A yard of FLANNEL.
(It was on sale at Joann's this week for $2.99, they have a great selection!)


THREAD to match fabric


A little BASKET to make a liner for, and FABRIC to line it with--
 that coordinates with the burp cloth flannel.
(I got my basket at Joann's on clearance for 60% off, it had some nasty looking
 fall liner in it with leaves that looked like marijuana leaves!  Seriously!)  

This can be done "assembly line" style.

1.  Pre-wash and dry the diapers.
2.  Take your yard of flannel as it's folded at the store.  Cut it all the way up the long fold.
3.  Fold in half, and cut again.  Fold in half and cut, etc. until you end up with strips of flannel  whose WIDTH is slightly larger than the thick center of the diapers.
3.  Fold the yard in half the other way to make the proper LENGTH.
4.  Fire up the iron and fold every edge and press.
5.  Pin each strip of flannel to the center of each diaper.
6.  Top stitch each strip, and trim all threads when done.
7.  Take the ugly liner out of the basket, cut it up for a pattern.
8.  Cut out the bottom and the four sides.
9.  Cut out "handle holes" and hem so it looks nice on the outside.
10  Stitch liner together, and hem edges, and then sew elastic along underside of liner so it will grip the basket.
11 Make a "burp!" tag and hang it from one handle; this can then be used on the changing table as is. I covered my "burp" tag with clear contact I already had here. The tag was made using my scrapbook paper and supplies.

*If you'd like me to do a picture tutorial, let me know.  This project seems easy and straightforward to me, but if you want me to break it down into visual steps, I can do it.  I just had to get this done quickly and didn't have time or the  right light yesterday to get the camera out.

This shower is neutral....the couple isn't finding out what baby is until he or she is born. YAY for them!  It makes "birth day" a real exciting surprise!

Let me tell you--there's not a lot of neutral baby fabrics out there anymore to choose from.  I went into the mom's baby gift registries to find out what her other items were and what "theme" she might have, and it seemed to be mostly zoo animals so I got the only fabric that closely followed that theme.  

(I am giving a new "Little Golden Book" instead of a card or gift tag.)

I am all ready to go!  Hope she likes it!


Laura said...

Looks easy to do, even for me! :-)

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Fun idea for new babies. Some are arriving this next year at our church. Will keep this in mind. I do need to knit a little hat for baby that's coming in Jan. I think that would be fun! Have a good weekend....oh and we are watching our littles this afternoon! Fun!

Tammy said...

Very cute!

nancy said...

what new mommy wouldn't love that.
Thanks for really cute idea.
I hope your having a wonderful weekend. Nancy

mary your sis said...

Cute, cute, cute!