Tuesday, November 15, 2011

iPhone Pictures: Travel the Gravel & Foggy Sunrise

When I drive Luke to school, it's just under ten miles.

Out here where we live, the roads are laid out mostly in one mile grids, all perfectly straight for the most part.

On the way home from almost anywhere, I can take any number of back roads to get there.  I just have to be willing to travel on some gravel.

Sometimes, the back roads soothe the soul, and treat the eye at the same time, and the dirt doesn't bother me a bit.

I don't know about you, but it helps me to slow it down to less than 55 mph and really look at what's all laid out in front of me.

Some mornings are ho-hum.  And some are spectacular.

On the mornings when I can tell it's spectacular, I grab the big camera bag.

This morning, I saw the fog, but forgot the camera bag. 

All I had is my iPhone, but that didn't matter.  I could still do plenty of drive-by shooting with this little pencil-lead sized lens.  It's amazing what it will do when the light is right, and the scenery is simple.

Sometimes, I'm shooting blind, like in this shot, the sun was burning through the fog so brightly, I literally couldn't tell if I had the cattle and horses in the shot or not, but knowing the lens was pointed in the general direction, I thought I might capture it.  I did, but it took uploading them to find out.  I could barely wait to get home to find out!

It was agony to go and make myself walk three miles and then run all my errands this morning.  When I saw this shot, I did a little gulp.  So beautiful, just from a little iPhone.  I find this astonishing, I know, I'm old school...and usually big lenses are involved in something this pretty.

A slow travel on some gravel is how I started my day.

And it's just hard to have a bad day after starting it out this way, my friends.

I hope there's some time in your life to travel some gravel...

And let your eyes see the wonder of it all!  

I hope that wherever YOU are, that there is sunshine!  ;0)


Patti said...

I live on the east side of Michigan and usually see the sun rise through the pine trees over my neighbors house. But I do get to see the wonderful pinks over the roof tops. I love going up north, and we don't get there that often, to see the wide open spaces, and take walks in the woods. Thanks for sharing your photos

Dairy Air said...

Have you heard Rodney Atkins song, Backroads? Your pictures reminded me of the lyrics..."put a little gravel in your travel." Here's a link to the video:
I love the horses and the color and the pure simplicity of your composition of God's composition! Great post.

mary your sis said...

I like the gravel in my travel: it really does slow you down and when you go slow, you notice more beauty around you. Thanks for taking the beautiful pictures!

sherry said...

beautiful sunrises.
i love mornings most of all,
for the quiet and beauty.
your pictures are both things..