Thursday, November 3, 2011

Five, Five, Five, Five, Five

1.  I turned fifty this July.  
(That's all good.)
2.  I started menopause the same month.  
(That's NOT ALL good.)
3.  In blasted HOT FLASHES --at 5,000 degrees-- 5 times AN HOUR.  (VERY BAD!)
4.  HELP was needed.  
5.  Estrovan-Extra-strength works!  
They don't know me and I have no reason to pass this along, other than it works!
Just stick with it for more than two weeks and you'll see a difference.


Deanna said...

Hi There!
Congrats on turning the big 5 0 !!! It is a wonderful age. As for being menopausal....this is a journey that's something else. Seems to be different for every lady.

I have read that 50 is the average age of menopause. I also read that some women start menopause at 60!!! I wish I had been one of the lucky ones that started meno at 50. I have a July Birthday as well and am 56.

56.....still waiting for menopause. Lord help. It's been a ride. Or should I's a ride!

The hot flashes aren't fun. I've stuck my head in the freezer before for relief as well as walk outside in the dead of winter onto the porch without a coat. Feels GREAT!

God bless and I hope menopause goes well. I can't wait,

Julie Hinds said...

1. I love chocolate with nuts, I tell myself that to keep from eating all the chocolate I see!
2. Not really looking forward to 50 in January, I share the day with my twin and my mom turns 70 the same day, miles may separate us unless we extend our Christmas visit this year, still working on that :)
3. I have a hard time estimating time, I always think I have a lot of it and that it's longer then I think. The clock always moves fast for me, I usually wish I had several more hours each day.
4. I love to make things, lots of things, I wish I had more time for that, but I enjoy cooking and baking and usually have time for that.
5. I love my family, whether we are just at home or wish extended families, we just have a good time being together.

Unknown said...

You're lucky that you didn't start till 50! I first began getting hot flashes at about 45! I'm now 53 and still get one occasionally, though they're not as bad as they used to be.

sherry said...

i use i-cool; rarely do i have a hot flash. i call them {{my inner child playing with matches}}. ;o)

i found that sugar triggers flashes. bummer.