Thursday, November 3, 2011

Five, Five, Five, Five, Five

Five, Five, Five, Five, Five Things About Me.

1.  I always wanted to be a drummer in a marching band when I was young.  Oh, how I love that thump, thump, thump, then that big rumble when the band starts....

2.  Chocolate isn't my "go to" for a sweet treat.  I know, I'm not normal.

3.  I LOVE big roller coasters and going fast.  I once did a "ride-along" in a NASCAR at Michigan Speedway and at Talladega Superspeedway, both times a HUGE thrill, going faster than 150 MPH...the driver wouldn't tell me exactly how fast, just "over 150".  WOW.  

(And, for the record, Talladega is the better track, because coming out of the pits is a huge thrill in itself, then the first turn, oh. My.  Word!)

4.  I love Suburbans.  We have two.  One is good --named Dixie--and the other is better.  The better one is for the grownups.  We just got her and haven't named her yet.  Her name will come to me.  

The good one is for the teenager to drive.  It's nice and big.  And nice and safe.  Lots of metal, sits up high, and has four wheel drive.  He goes to school in the middle of miles and miles and miles of farm fields, so, believe me, the four wheel drive is handy because the drifts get mighty big.

5.  Sometimes I snort when I laugh really hard, and mostly, I laugh loud.  Sometimes, I really don't like it that I laugh loud, but I just can't help it--I think I was born this way.  I've tried to laugh quietly --and then I laugh and shake violently, because the force of the laughter is inside and it can't get OUT.  

Levi has started to try to imitate my laugh.  I feel honored.  And it's darn cute.

Okay, now can you tell me something about you?  One, two, three, four or five.  I'd like to get to know you better.


Becka said...

1. Pie is my favorite sweet treat. It a weakness I'll have it for breakfast with tea (eek...lunch and dinner too!)

2. I'm afraid of heights. I'm not afraid of falling, instead afraid that I will spontaneously jump off beyond my control. Crazy huh?

3. I grew up wanting to be a nurse. Instead I married at 17 and created a beautiful life for my family. A plan meant to be for me, directed by God, and I couldn't be happier.

4. I love old music.

5. My hair is turning gray. I stopped trying to hide this in my late 40's. I'm 52 now and getting gray is ok with me. I have 2 Grandbabies that love me to pieces no matter what my hair color is. I've been a Grammy for 2 years now! (i'm in love. can you tell ♥)

Hugs- Becka- aka The Girasole Lady
p.s. thanks for sharing your 5 too.

Penny said...
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Penny said...
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Penny said...
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mary your sis said...

And there are FIVE girls in your family; I'm happy to be one of them, because that means I'm your sister!

Penny said...

Sorry Joni. Having a terrible time with my computer.... or could it be me?? I don't know where my list went.

Kerin said...

1. Chocolate is my go-to treat. If it is chocolate covered marshmallows...even better
2. Love old anything. Especially houses, and would save every single neglected one if I had the resoures to do so.
3. I hate winter. It lasts forever where we live. The mountain valley is gorgeous, but we get the mountain snow too.
4. I have lived through a lot. My daughters kidney transplant, the loss of my father, grandmother, and uncle ..all within 9 months of each other. Believe me, I have a testimony of our Heavenly Father'plan.
5. I'm almost always happy and having a great day. Can't help it.. it's in my DNA :)

Thanks for helping us get to know you better, and writing such a fun post !

Boyett-Brinkley said...

Wow, I hope I can think of five things -- I am not very interesting.

1. I am shy and quiet. Until you get to know me. Hee hee.

2. I love all sorts of needle arts -- except my brain doesn't seem to want to let me knit or crochet -- going to try loom knitting.

3. I always wanted to be a writer -- still do.

4. At 61 I am learning to love cooking.

5. I have always loved old houses.

Penny said...

Trying this again, Joni!

1. I am a 57 year old mom of 3 daughters... 2 are married.

2. No grandchildren yet, but I can't wait to be a grandma!!

3. I grew up in the suburbs of NYC and am living back there now. (I did live in Kalamazoo and Jackson, MI for a short time when I was first married. Also several places in PA, and a couple in upstate NY)

4. We moved 14 times in our 34 years of marriage.

5. I am the second of 7 children. Four of us are left-handed.

Have a happy day, Joni!

sherry said...

1. when i was young i wanted to be a go-go dancer. i didn't do that, but i *was* a dance major in college (interpretive).

2. i'm paralyzingly afraid of spiders.

3. i prefer caramel over chocolate.

4. "jAne" is not my real name. ;o)

5. i'm not completely fond of the empty nest. :o/