Monday, November 7, 2011

Farmhouse Porch In Autumn...

The colors of fall...something to be savored just like it's brand new, each and every year!

How is it that twelve months going by makes us forget just how fall looks, smells, tastes, and feels?

Does Summer have a part in getting us ready to welcome Autumn?

I think so.

Good old summertime, she just wears us out.

Then, and only then, can we be ready for the season of ripened harvest, falling leaves, and dying vegetation--and golden light in the afternoons.

Leaves rain down, skipping and twirling on their way to earth.  

Once a lady stopped in here while I was having a garage sale and told me that she didn't really stop for the goodies, she just wanted to see the house.  

I let her look.  She got a kick out of it, and I enjoyed watching her look.  People love this old place.  Anytime I have a garage sale, she has admirers stop in.  

(I really love people that love old houses.)

She also said that she made her husband drive by each time the seasons changed so she could see what I had on the porch this time.

She said it was a treat for her and she wanted to thank me.

How sweet was that?

She's gone now, she died several years back but I have always remembered that, and it makes me smile to remember her whenever I change the porch out. 

There's just something about the fall....for me anyway that makes this old house even sweeter to me!

I know why...too.

Autumn happens to be the season I fell in love with this old girl.

We first saw the "FOR SALE" sign on Labor Day Weekend twenty years ago this year.

I came back to look on a still, blue-sky sunny, golden September afternoon.

The crops were fully grown and waiting to dry up.

The house looked wonderful and the big tree next to it swallowed me up in a huge hug to welcome me ... home.

By the time we ended up buying it, we had come back to visit several more times.  That's how it goes when you by "FROM OWNER"'s personable--more direct.  

I was introduced to all the neighbors.  I learned the story of this old house from a girl who was now a beautiful elderly lady and wanted me to know her twin stillborn brothers were buried under the lilac bush--would I please not disturb that bush?  

The expanses of field beyond the yard invited me, warmed me, touched me.  Everything seemed big, beautiful and more open, the sky was larger.

I watched the four children that were born here in the years previous to our buying it, run and play on the emerald green lawn, saw their photos on the wall, and knew which corner of the living room their lullaby rocking chair sat in.  

I knew that the previous owner had a hard, hard time letting go of the home where she had rocked all her babies.

The months flew by until November.

We moved in during a steely gray, breezy and dark week.

I still loved it.

We soon celebrated our first Thanksgiving in her old dining room with the wainscoted walls.

It was a magical day.  As soon as Thanksgiving dinner ended, it started to snow.  It snowed and snowed until there was a perfect amount on the ground for playing in.  It was beautiful!

Then we got up from dinner, bundled up and went outside and built a snowman, just the four of us and our beagle, Lady.

I have now rocked one of my own babies here, and celebrated many, many special days and holidays with our family.

I love this old place more than I ever knew or expected I would.

Now, I welcome grandchildren home to visit, live it up with them for their time here, then wave goodbye from her porch with tears in my eyes as they drive away to go back home....

I have come to love this old place, and for more than just her looks.

I have lived one of the very best parts of my life here....raising a family.

And if it ever comes to me saying goodbye to this old girl...

I have to believe that it would break my heart, and that we would not part easily.  

How could I ever hug her back the way she has hugged me?

So much about my life here has been heartfelt and heartwarming:  the best neighbors in the world live out here and the change of seasons is one of the best things about it; the excitement of the change is palpable, each and every time.  

Farmers are good people.

Is it possible to LOVE YOUR HOME? 

For I truly think that I DO.


~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

I have loved old homes since I was very young! My parents built their first home when I was nine. It was way out in the country where our only neighbors were Mennonites. All the woodwork, cupboards, etc were made by a Mennonite man and his son's.
Everything was "custom this and that"
Even at that age, I didn't like our home! It was all Oriental. My Dad traveled to Asia on business several times a year shipping back
furniture, decor..
And all though it was a gorgeous home, I knew even at nine, I would always live in old homes :)
I became friends with Mennonite children, my only playmates, and LOVED spending time in their old farmhouse. Everything in that home
was what I wanted to surround myself with when I got older.
And I have!

I truly believe old homes have souls, taking little bits of those who have lived there and keeping
"all that good stuff". Make sense?
LOL! I hope!

The people who sold us our little farm cottage gave us all the history.
He was born here! His father took his last breath in our bedroom...
Farmers who loved their land.

Sometime I need to write about the
1911 Craftsman home I owned in N.Georgia. It was spirit filled-but not haunted. I love that home, too!

So love your home, Joni! I think it is a perfectly good love affair and "She" appreciates it and loves you right back!
xo, misha

p.s. long-winded i was!

Echoes From the Hill said...

Yes, it is possible to love a home.
I always wanted to live in an old farmhouse. Always. It never happened, but when my kids were little, we bought a few acres, and built a house that looks like a big farmhouse. No cathedral ceilings, no master suite, no enormous bathroom. Just warm, inviting old fashioned rooms, with wainscoting, nice woodwork, old fashioned double-hung windows and lots of created memories. My kids are all grown and on their own, but my youngest once asked me to promise never to sell this house. It is "home" even though she has her own children and a lovely home.
I do love my home.

Allison of A Farmgirl's View said...

I absolutely love our home... yours is beautiful and i love your pictures! Fall is my favorite time to decorate :)
Old homes are the best, they have been filled with love and memories and stood through tough years and just show so much character!
Thanks for a great post!

Teresa said...

I love my house too!
She's a good, old house.
Love your porch all dressed up for fall. So pretty!

trump said...

I'm just dropping by new blogs today and i thought id stop by and say hello on yours. Greetings everyone from the Amish settlement of Lebanon Pennsylvania. Richard from Amish Stories.

Kerin said...

Love this post. Love all your posts... but this one especially :)
I am such an 'old house' girl!!

We have owned and renovated about 11 old houses. I've loved every one of them. But, it takes time. And, memory making.

I am touched by the thoughts that you have about your old house.
We have never lived anywhere for 20 years. I am looking forward to living here in our Cottage on Main for the remainder of my life.

Yes.. you can love a house. Especially an old house

nancy said...

simply beautiful. I know I've said it before but I'm going to say it again you have a special way with words. when you write you reach out and touch their hearts its magical. Thank you once again Joni. ps. I love old houses too. I could walk around all day looking at old houses and not feel tired.

mary your sis said...

Thank you for the hospitality and generosity you've offered to us; sharing your sweet home...
She is a beautiful, warm and welcoming home!

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing to wander across your blog...I really enjoyed my visit with you :)
Shirley in Virginia

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is possible to love your home..i do! we live in a country town, so after a busy day at work or running around doing jobs and grocery shopping, it is bliss when i walk thru the back gate..a calmness comes over me..
I love your home by visiting with the photos you post..i hope you don't have to leave it for a very long time yet..
luv Ann xx

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, it is possible to love your home..i do! we live in a country town, so after a busy day at work or running around doing jobs and grocery shopping, it is bliss when i walk thru the back gate..a calmness comes over me..
I love your home by visiting with the photos you post..i hope you don't have to leave it for a very long time yet..
luv Ann xx

Anonymous said...

Yes I think its possible to love your home, my family and I are in the process of buying a 128 year old farmhouse similiar looking from the outside like your own... Your story is similiar to that which is being played out before me and my family at the moment, from the looks of the home, the wonderful hospitable folks selling it, to actually hugging the house(ok ok I admit to doing this) to feeling a strong connection to the place and learning the history of the home... It is for the first time in my 33 years of life that I feel so at home and understand what that phrase really means...