Monday, November 14, 2011

Is It Monday Again? ...On Tasks Finished

Washed and ironed:  stacks of fresh dinner napkins that I use as place mats on the dinner table.

My husband and son took off for a long weekend on Thursday morning.  You should see the list I made for myself, thinking of all the things I wanted to accomplish while I had the house mostly to myself (I still had my older son's dogs to watch during most afternoons).  

They were big jobs, like cleaning closets, cleaning the entry way, deep cleaning the kitchen (I did get the stove done, oven and all, but not the rest!) and some sewing (got the shower gift finished), movies to watch, (I did watch two)...and more.

Well, as usual, I over-dream, and my lists are too long.  Less than a fourth of the items were checked off.

This morning, they're heading for home and I am trying to remain positive about what tasks I DID accomplish--rather than the list of unfinished items.

Do you do this, too?  Us list makers, we are a disappointed lot sometimes, aren't we?

So today I'm trying my best to not beat myself over the head too hard with the un-accomplished tasks still left to do, that will, of course, take three times as long with people in the house once again!    

Sigh...well, Water For Elephants was a good movie, and I congratulated myself on being able to operate the DVD player without having another person in the house to help me, the dogs didn't know what they were doing!  Haha!


Vintage Country Girl said...

I do that to myself all the time. I feel defeated, but like you, I have to congratulate myself for what I DID do! Good job!

Laura said...

I do this all the time! I always kick myself, but I should look on the bright side because I can always cross off some of the jobs.
You did good! Don't you ever want a weekend with no lists except watching movies, reading books, and crafting? I've never tried that before!

nancy said...

I used to do it all the time. and knock myself out doing it. and now i try to feel good about doing a really good job on the things i did get done. and when the grandkids surprise me with a visit. everything goes out the window. I want to spend every spare moment with them. yep do what ya can and feel good about that. Like scarlett said Tomorrows another day. Nancy

mary your sis said...

My lista are always too long; but if I don't make lists it seems nothing gets done. I'm with you; better something done that not a thing done!

Kerin said...

It's good and healthy to have goals... and moving forward is the important thing :)
Love those napkins. I need to make some up to use around here :)

Kathleen Grace said...

I do make long lists Joni, but I kind of know I won't get them all done. I just transfer the things I didn't finish to the top of the next list:>) It's kind of fun to have a weekend to yourself isn't it?