Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ya Wanna Make Da Yurtles?

Ever wanna turtle but you're too busy to make da real ting? Well...ya can make da YURTLES! Easy 'n good is da best, eh?

(Yoopers talk like dis. Whatsa YOOPER? Well, it's da name for da people who live in and speak a dialect of da English language in da upper peninsula of Michigan, and northern Wisconsin and northern Minnesota.

You can go here and read about da Yooper. I have lotsa Yooper relation. Dat will be yer geography lesson today. And, fer more fun, read about dese people dat make a livin singin' da yooper songs! Dey're a HOOOOOT!! Say, dere da ones singin' "Rusty Chevrolet" that is #3 on da playlist! Hilarious!)

Back to da YURTLES.


Ya need dem ROLOS, unwrap em.

Ya need pecan halves.

Ya need some foil on a cookie sheet.

Ya need dem round pretzels set in rows on da foil.

Ya need da oven at 250.

So put da Rollos in da middle of da pretzels, smallest end down.

Put em in da oven for FOUR MINUTES ONLY.

When dey come out of da oven, squish dose pecan halves down into da melty Rollos.

Lettem cool.

Eat dem suckers!


Laura said...

Holy cow! I gotta try dat recipe for dem turtles. I always wanna see Da Yoopers when they come near us, but it never works with our schedule...someday though!

Anonymous said...

You have some of the easiest recipes!Just the kind most of us like.I'll try these.
Smiles from southern Mi

Carey's Farmhouse Kitchen said...

I saw a recipe recently in another blog and made these. I couldn't find rolos so I used carmels but I had to increase time. Love when it's an easy recipe!


mary yer sis, eh? said...

Hey Joni, dis here's a good snack for even us trolls, eh? (Trolls live below the Mackinaw Bridge, so I'm a troll, notta yooper, but I still talk like em). I think I'll take some a dem dere yurtles ta work with me in my rusty chevy. I wish da radio wasn't broke so I could listen to dem dere yoopers, eh? Thanks for sharin' yer recipe; got any secret recipes for makin' da tapioca pudding?

hIWTHI said...

Wow, so simple, yet so yummy!