Friday, December 4, 2009

Vintage Milk Bottle Top Art

I have a couple old milk bottles, and on eBay, I found an auction for an assortment of the tops and paid around $3.75 for this little collection, plus about eight more. They were cheap to ship and were here in a couple of days. I found two that fit exactly onto my milk bottles in the kitchen, and then set the remainder of them aside and before I knew it, I'd forgotten about them.

(Sorry about the picture quality, the days have been dark, dreary, no natural light, had to use the flash!)

The other day I found them, as well as this empty record album frame from Michael's, and pulled out a piece of linen-colored scrapbook paper, perfectly fits to the frame. I pulled out some double-sided sticky tabs and instant wall-art for my kitchen! I thought I'd show you, just in case you ever get a hankerin' for some old milk bottle caps! It was a five-minute project, if you don't count the time they sat around waiting for me to find them again! ; > )

We had a dusting of sugar-white snow last night, and the temperatures are in the twenties today. There is snow "flurrying" right now and it's (finally!) beginning to look a lot like CHRISTmas (but very slippery on the roads)!

I'm having coffee with pumpkin spice creamer (have you tried it?! It's wonderful...) in it this morning to warm me and wake me up!

I'm thinking soup or stew would be a great dinner for tonight...I will keep hoping for "shovel-ready" snow by the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

Good morning,I so enjoy visiting with you every day!You are a very busy women.I live in Mi too close to Ohio between 23 and 75.We haven't had any snow yet.I'm thinking the snow fairy forgot us.I'll probably regret saying that.(ha ha)I'll see you again tomorrow with my morning coffee....Smiles from Mi

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

We are hoping for snow here in the mountains-tonight thru Saturday!
The horses and dogs love it! I cannot wait.(We never get too much at a time!)
I have wonderful childhood memories of growing up outside Toledo and getting all that lake effect snow.My Dad and I would get on the snowmobile and just go.. And it never felt felt cold when my friends and I were skating, sleding,or we go ski at Boing in Michigan!
I look forward to your snow pics so very much, Joni!!

FHCS said...

Hello Joni!
What an adorable way to display the milk bottle tops! I have a few myself and would never have thought to put them into a frame.....too cute! I love your snow covered farmhouse header, oh how I wish I was your neighbor! What a pretty view I would have!

★Carol★ said...

That was a really great price for all of those tops! The colors are all so great, and they look fantastic in that frame! Love the Aunt Bee sign too!
Have a great weekend!

mary your sis said...

The milk bottle cap idea is a great one. Very unique and makes me giggle when I see imaginative home decor that wasn't purchased at an overpriced home interiors party, know what I mean? But, I'm afraid you're missing some plastic wicker-look butterfly's and wall sconces with interchangeable glass globes next to it-- tee hee!