Thursday, December 10, 2009

Season's Bleatings

May I sheepishly confess to you?
I'm feelin' kinda woolly.

You can tune out now if you'd like.

I am a bit slow getting into the "Christmas spirit" this year.
So....I feel kind of like this sheep....

Huh? Wha? Baaa....!

These sheep photographed @ Burritt's on the Mountain
Huntsville, AL


(Better go, got things to do!)


mary your sis said...

I'm feeling particularly cranky myself at this moment, which makes me feel guiltier, which makes me crankier. (Is crankier a word?) My to-do list gets longer instead of shorter with each too-busy day. An acquaintance of ours just lost her granddaughter, after losing her grandson just this past summer. Now she has no grandchildren. I know I should count my blessings, and I do. I just would like to figure out how to deflect some of the many expectations others put on us, as well as some we put on ourselves. Guess we're in exactly the same boat on that one. Hope you have a better tomorrow!

Donna said...

LOL! With us packing up and moving just last month, we are not decorating at all this Christmas! The LAST thing we wanted was more work, LOL!

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

Dear Joni, We all are entitled to at least one "BLEAT" day during an OVER commercialized OVER booked OVER expectated(is that even a word??), time of year!! Even the weather men are toying with our kids!They had one foot STILL in the bed yesterday when I greeted them as the grim reaper of snow days and said there most definitely was school! Hang in there and have a better weekend friend! I will pray that the SCROOGIES will be short lived for you and don't be too hard on yourself. Anyone that can cook and bake the goodie you do should be of queen status 'round your place!!! Humbug Hugs,Sue

Kathie Truitt said...

The day I started making it about 'atmosphere' i.e. warm, cozy, sparkly, fire burning in fireplace, hot cocoa, family, togetherness' is the day I stopped feeling overwhelmed and under-deliverable. I celebrate the birth and death of Jesus every day of my life, not just during Christmas.
Knowing that takes a lot of pressure off.