Monday, December 7, 2009

Retro Christmas Gift Ideas

Oh....I can just see clickin' this baby on and getting the dinner dishes cleaned up in NO TIME FLAT! Or....maybe "dance in the kitchen 'til the mornin' light" .... (come on, farm girls, what country song is that from?)
$39.97 other colors extra

My phone number, growing up... was 639-6207. And, on the party line the ring was TWO SHORT and ONE LONG, if I remember correctly. This phone comes in red and black, too!
$55.05 (other colors less)

Have you ever typed the word "retro" into your favorite shopping site's search engine?

Try it sometime! You'll be surprised what pops up into the results window. The other night, I was working on a wish list because my daughter asked me for some ideas for Christmas cyber-shopping. WHOOOEEE! What fun! I went "shopping" online at, one of my favorite websites and here are some neat retro results. (The link there takes you to the results for "retro". In a drop down menu up near the search windows, you can find specific departments, they have wayyyy more than books!) I can picture this in a creamy white kitchen with jadeite on the shelves. $25.47

These aluminum tumblers remind me of when I was a kid. $19.97

I don't think we had a set at home, but I recall using them at someone else's house and being SO IMPRESSED by how cold the drinks in them stayed!
(They didn't feel so good when they clinked on the teeth, however!)

WHY? Well, for years I've been using them and I find them to be:

  1. user friendly
  2. easy to search
  3. excellent pricing
  4. customer reviews of each product published with the product description page
  5. fast (mostly free!) shipping

It's always surprising what you can find on there...I mean they've got almost everything you can think of and it shows up at your door in a couple of days. Want an old red tricycle like your first one? They've got it!

(My oldest kids had trikes like this and they rusted in our old barn. So...what do you think I did when I found one just like this in excellent condition for $10 at a garage sale last year? YUP. I got it and it looks darn cute on the porch for a couple months every summer!)

(For the answer to the lyrics from the song quoted above, go here. You can even click on a link and hear the song, just for "old time's sake"! And, for fun, hit end on your keyboard, scroll until you find the play list and then in the play list scroll down to click on number 110 for a listen! Just like your own jukebox!)

And yes, Amazon even carries THIS!!!!! How cute! $279


Do you remember YOUR phone number when you were a kid?!
What was it?
And how many rings on the party line?


FHCS said...

Well I am taking a break from painting signs at 12:58 pm....I saw you had a new post before shutting the puter down and was too tempted...I had to look! I think that retro radio would look awesome in your kitchen! Santa is bringing the radio flyer bicycle to my 3 yr. old son this year, he wanted a bike and I thought that one was too
ca-ute to pass up! Well thanks for the fun post that made my "break" go faster! Have a good night Ms. Joni!

From the Old InkWell said...

Well, we used to eat off of a kitchen table just like that one when I was growing up. Brings back memories! :)

Erin said...

That line is from Louisiana Saturday night. Maybe Mel McDaniel. Love the gifts. I would love any of them especially the radio. Awesome. I love retro.

Kathie Truitt said...

Erin is right! Louisiana Saturday Night by Mel McDaniel.

I love the radio the best,but the phone is nice, too. Phone number from my childhood? 876-3895.

Kathie Truitt said...

Oh, and thanks for telling me about Gee, I thought it was just for books!

sherry said...

I love (and want) all the items you shared about. All of them.

We had a party line when I was a kid .. 1 long and 2 shorts. I used to listen in on our neighbor's conversations. I was a bad, neglected little girl - raised by wolves. ;o)

jAne *

mary your sis said...

Love all the retro stuff, except for the aluminum tumblers: my teeth hurt just thinkin' about it! Isn't it funny to have to explain the concept of a "party line" to our kids? Not only did kids have NO privacy from their parents or snoopy siblings, they couldn't even have private phone calls. While talking on the one non-corless phone, anyone could listen in: even the neighbors. Maybe today's kids have too much privacy?

★Carol★ said...

We had a kitchen table like that, except it was red! Sure wish I had that thing now! And I sure do remember my phone number from childhood, only because it's still my Mom's number!