Friday, December 11, 2009

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

This little tree sits in my's full of vintage wooden ornaments...all from thrift stores. The tree I got last January for 90% off and I paid 2.49 for it. What a nice thing to pull out and be surprised with; I'd forgotten I had it! It was the perfect size for the number of ornaments I've got...I thought I'd show and tell.

I had so much fun decorating this tree the other day!

Merry CHRISTmas!!

(Go here for more vintage wooden Christmas finds!)


Deanna said...

May you have a Bright and Merry Christmas!
You tree is so sweet and charming.
A very nice addition to your lovely home.
God bless,
d from homehaven

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

I don't know what I like best, the tree or what you paid for it!! Looks so cute and vintagy!Sue

Becca's Dirt said...

What a smart person you are. That tree was a great find and so are the ornaments. It looks beautiful.

Darla said...

What a precious tree!

Anonymous said...

Those are great!

ThriftyAnnabella said...

Those little wooden ornaments are always so cute - reminds me of my childhood.

mary your sis said...

The ornies are adorable in all their crude painting and rounded edges! Can't decide: do I like the birds peeking out of and perching on the birdhouse best? Or is it the little chick in the baby blue car? The little chick is obviously on her way to do some Christmas shopping!