Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Vintage Postcard Oil Painting

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I'm so thrilled with this little vignette...all made possible with my niece's gift to me of an oil painting she did herself to replicate a vintage postcard. I like how it matches the ornaments I placed on pedestal plates to the right. I'm not sure if the ornaments are vintage, but they sure look it, and the colors couldn't be more perfect! I got the ornaments at Joy's sale last month while I was in Illinois one beautifully golden fall weekend!

The whole cabinet underneath is full of our music box and musical waterglobe collection. I love it when the room lights are all turned off, and the water reflects the glow of the little pearly lights I laid under the greens and snowy fluff and we wind up a music box or two... lalala...!

The vintage oil lamp on top of the cabinet once belonged to my husband's father and I treasure it. I especially like to use red lamp oil in it to give it a burst of color.

The water globes were something we used to collect and date each one; we'd buy one a year for several years, but once we found out that they don't store well in our attic and the water eventually becomes discolored in them, we cut the collecting off.

Every now and then, I'll find a vintage wooden music box that is a companion for our very first music box (shown in the center of the shelf underneath the painting) at a thrift store and I'm more than happy to collect those. Those are fixable usually, and much more easily stored.

This is a picture of me with Autumn at her apartment last month, after she gave me this painting. A sincere thanks, Autumn, (my beautiful and talented niece) for this wonderful painting to enjoy for years to come at Christmas time!


Donna said...

Love these! And the painting!
Have a Warm day Girl!hughugs

★Carol★ said...

I love that painting! I wish I knew how to paint, because a painting like that would look so great with all of my vintage Christmas stuff! Your niece is super-talented, and I'm sure all of her paintings will one day be family heirlooms!

Kathie Truitt said...

joni, you are so cute!!!

Unknown said...

Two beautiful women together with an exquisite piece of art .. how much can this get?!

Merry Christmas ~
TTFN ~ Marydon

Donna said...

If you get an email that says I'm in London and needing to have money sent to be so I can get home, don't worry...I've been hacked!!! Just trash it!!!

mary your sis said...

Your shelf looks very sweet and whimsical. The best part is how much each of the things placed there mean to you. The painting does look perfectly at home in this display! I'll have to send you a photo of the painting she created for me on display at my house!

GiGi said...

what a nice gift!! Your home is so lovely!!

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

What a wonderful gift Joni! It looks happy sitting up there on your cabinet. I love your cabinet full of beauties! I'd have the lights off every evening so I could sit and enjoy the pearly lights. Your vintage oil lamp looks very like the one I just inherited from my grandma (who we just lost last Feb)...special treasures~ xx Vicki