Saturday, December 13, 2008

I Wish I Knew Who These Belonged To!

Today's find kind of made me sad, what I found in the bottom of a bin at the Salvation Army store: A whole family of handmade knitted Christmas stockings. Someone worked long and hard to make these. I can't imagine the number of yarn color changes required in each of these patterns.
I hope they were enjoyed at least for a time by Jon, Michael, Lisa and Julie; kids happy to run downstairs and check to see if Santa had come. (That's how we knew he had come, because when we went to bed, the socks were empty, if we woke up and they were hanging full, then we knew he had been there!)
Two boys and two girls. Did grandma make them ? Did the kids know they were throwing them in the bin destined for the thrift store? Didn't any of them realize what a treasure they were losing? Would one or even all of the kids kept them, had they known they were going to be thrown out? Or was it a case of a divorce, and dad kept them in the attic for years, hoping against hope that the family would be put back together again? I never will know.
It makes me realize, though, how something can mean so much to one person, and not to the other, even though that other person is in the same family. I also thought about how life circumstances can dictate that it's not possible to hang on to all that might be sentimental to us. Perhaps these stockings weren't worthy of packing and a long trip to another state in a major move. Sometimes what is precious to us is funny to our children: I should be prepared for "the wordless look" someday when I offer them something sentimental: the expression that seems to say "and why would I want that?" so I need to be prepared for my treasures to someday be tossed.
These are highly collectible, and will most likely sell. But as I washed these and hung them on the line in my laundry room to dry, I couldn't help but wonder what their story is, and the route they took to our house.
I hope these make someone happy, someone who collects vintage Christmas and there's a possibility they may end up in Oregon or Oklahoma, or Massachusetts, but they will be far away from whom they were intended for and far away from Jon, Michael, Lisa and Julie.


Happy@Home said...

Hi Joni,
Thanks for your recent visit and sweet comments. It's always fun to meet new blog friends especially from my hometown of Michigan. I loved your post on Frankenmuth in a snowstorm. Made me a little homesick. That is a great place and we always loved those chicken dinners.

I like the stockings you have pictured here. I often do the exact same thing wondering why somebody wouldn't want them anymore especially since they have names on them. I hope they find a nice new home.

Grandmabeckyl.blogspot said...

Almost as sad as seeing black and white photos of people in an antique store...instant family for someone. They were once loved by someone at sometime so why are the photos there and not labeled? Love the soxs and your thoughts. Makes one wonder, hmm?
Take care!