Friday, December 19, 2008

A Fuzzy-headed NinnyMuggins!

It took me a half-hour to scrape most of the snow off the deck, poor doggies had to walk through it just to go potty, poor Little E's wee wee must have been frozen before he could find a spot. I also kindly shoveled off a spot on the lawn for the dogs to be able to do their business without their manly parts falling off.
I then went out front and since it seemed like the snow had almost halted, I thought I'd whip out the snowblower and knock off the driveway, that won't take long! I didn't wear snowpants, just boots, coat, scarf, gloves.
I came in numb over an hour later. This was the top of my head once I got in the house, I was encrusted like a nice piece of shrimp in this coating that was blowback from the snowblower. My glasses were iced over and of course my cheeks and down my coat collar was, too. This is a fine powdery snow and the wind is really whippin' so I was a snow-warrior out there battling to get the driveway cleaned off.
Our snowblower could hardly handle this deep snow, in some places where it drifted it was well over a foot deep. It's fun, though to clean up after the storm, but only until around March. When we get this in April, it ceases to be fun anymore!
There's nothing like blowing snow to make me a fuzzy-headed ninnymuggins! (That's from the movie ELF, I love to say it!)


Anonymous said...

Oh yes that looks like a
Michigan snow!
We lived in MT Pleasant for 20 years we loved it there! Great neighbors we had!
Pamela from OH

Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

We have a niece that lives up in Mt. Pleasant! They actually normally get a lot more snow than we do! We have great country neighbors, too! Merry Christmas to you in Ohio!

Anonymous said...

Thank you!! I really really miss Mt Pleasant!!
We raised our son and daughter there!!
Son graduated from CMU.
He now lives in Troy Mi.
Pamela from Ohio