Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas-y Corners....from a Gift of Vintage-y Goodness

Someone who loves me very much gave me a surprise bag yesterday, a gorgeous gift that I opened this bright snowy morning, come along and look with me! Thank you so much for all of this fun packed in one bag!

A Putz House with a decorated bottle-brush tree and a little country church covered with glitter! I absolutely adore this, how could I put this away after Christmas? Look at all the glitter! The adorable banner says GOD BLESS AMERICA and it now sits on my Americana shelf in the living room, looks right at home, too! How about that star on the top of the tree? Thank you so much, I LOVE IT!

Oh, how much I love this retro vintage-y cute stuff, and this bagful of surprises was delightful! Now I'm not sure if I should actually color in this cute little "Little Miss Christmas and Santa" coloring book or just make myself copies! Every picture on the inside is just as cute as the one on the outside! I will always put it out at Christmas time. It looks great on the coffee table in the living room!

OH, be still my heart! Check out this vintage-y bottle-brush wreath! So soft and kissed with glitter finished off perfectly with a prim red bow and a silver holly leaf!

It's the perfect finishing touch for my Santa shelf! Don't you think it fits in this little spot? Oh, I love it!

And this is from that same person from a year gone by, another of my most favorite things to pull out at Christmastime! Don't you just love the old fashioned snowman? It reminds me of a Little Golden Book we had when we were little, called FROSTY THE SNOWMAN. The Frosty and the little kids in the book looked just like this!

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Faith said...

I do love the ol time frosty...he is perfect..I am enjoying and getting lost in your is a good thing..