Sunday, December 21, 2008

Doesn't Take Much to Make Me Happy!

I began my Christmas postcards early last week. It took me a couple different days to get them done, and it shouldn't have card file where I keep all my addresses was an absolute disaster. So, before I could get them mailed, I had to re-organize my address file. Here's its new home and pretty pleased with it, I am.

I like using old crates and boxes for ordinary everyday use around here, and a couple examples are above. They can be old and battered or refinished and all shiny.

I like my addresses on file cards, because it's easier to toss a card and replace it with a new one than it is to try to keep an address book up-to-date. (The problem comes when I stop putting addresses back into the file under the proper letter, or when I don't purge it for several years in a row!)

I found these hard plastic A-Z guides at Wal-Mart and they look pretty sharp in this antique wooden crayon box! So next time you see a little wooden cheese box or an old ammo or dynamite crate at the flea market or antique store, grab it, they're lots of fun to use around the house.

The one containing my runaway magazines is one I bought at a garage sale this summer, for $1 each, turns out they're old drawers from an old-time hardware store. They still have the old porcelain knobs on the front, and thick tags hammered on the front to indicate what was in the drawer. They were really dirty and full of old scrap metal. I cleaned them out and dusted them off. They're put back to work once again! Here are more containers around the house.

On the dinner table holding napkins.

Full of mints and gum....grab some on your way out the door!

On the floor by the new record player, a candle crate full of our old record albums.

A couple crates hold playing cards and dominoes.

And, finally this, from a couple weeks ago, old enamel pots, repurposed for catching the drippies in the laundry room.


Anonymous said...

I love it, they all look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Great ideas!!
Pamela from Ohio