Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Snowflakes in the Window

Something to do with the oddball ornaments and those extra snowflakes you picked up "just because they're so pretty". Take fishing line and stagger them and hang them in a window, interspersed with an old-fashioned ornament or two. I found these heavy pendulum-shaped ornaments on clearance 80% off and paid $1.24 for four of them. I've never used them, they seemed to make the branches on a balsam fir sag too much. That is, until I decorated this window and decided that the lights beneath the snowflakes needed something to reflect, so now I have these ornaments that swing nicely when someone moves about the room (or the cat decides they look like fun!) and they bounce the Christmas lights around wonderfully. The silver ornaments actually show off the snowflake ornaments, which are transluscent. Fishing line and a few ornaments, and maybe a well-placed nail or two are all you'll need!

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