Wednesday, December 3, 2008


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At Mio Pond

Mark, Jamie, Thad

Jamie points out how much snow there is by how far up her pantleg it came....

Ready for some redneck sledding?

Is it going to start? First Jamie had to fire up the ancient Jeep pickup truck that's buried in snow, has a broken windsheild, a flat tire and non-functioning driver's door. It's a beauty, but it's only used for getting wood in once in a while and fun to have around! It's stick shift and she drove it right out of a snowpile with a flat tire....mama's never been so proud!

My redneck girl can drive a stick, I'm impressed, I haven't done that since driver's education. She had a blast, actually, we both love to get stuck and unstuck, I think it's hereditary!

Thad went sleddin' like a redneck, Jamie brings up the rear! WHOHOOO!

Autumn and Jamie remember the good old days when they did this for hours living dangerously!

Autum catches her balance while Thad drives down the hill.

While Jamie and Thad were here, we went north for a one-day visit. I wish we'd had more time, but there was so much to pack into the week. It was a lot of fun, and a fresh new snow had fallen: everything was covered in at least eight inches of snow and breathtakingly beautiful. I must have said "Isn't that so pretty?" a million times! But every curve we came 'round was another wintery scene that made me say it again!

Here are some photos of "redneck sledding" we did at my sister's house. Jamie got Uncle Ken's '83 Jeep pickup going, we hooked up the sleds and the brave took their lives in their hands.

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