Monday, December 1, 2008


The entrance to the park.

An old town hall that is now a train store.

Lights everywhere! We had a pleasant walk under the canopy of light.

An old steam engine artfully lit up for Christmas!

Inside the old church, it was gorgeous, but hard to take a photo, it's so tiny! We settled for just a picture of the stained glass window.

The house for the old carousel is an octagon shape.

We're in motion!

A gorgeous piece of history in our own county.

A wonderful job of restoration, and these were all decked out for Christmas. Everything in the village was decorated!

An antique "pony cart" ride.

Even the 1920's ferris wheel was all lit up!

The model train building, a lot of men turned into little boys when they took a look at this gorgeous and very detailed display that took up the whole inside of the building!

The legendary tree at Crossroads that is lit from the bottom to the top, every single inch! It has it's own power source there are so many cords! People look up at it in wonder. It's a main attraction during the Christmas season.

We went on Friday night with Jamie and Thad to the kick-off of the Christmas season at Crossroads Village in tiny Genesee, MI. Little did we know the treat that was in store for us. There were tree lightings, an amazing fireworks show, the 1800's train was all decked out and had extra passenger cars, there were blacksmiths and tinsmiths and a print shop, all operating that night. We rode the 1920's ferris wheel, and the old time carousel. We ate warm popcorn and walked in the snow and admired the boardwalks, the old-fashioned Christmas decorations and enjoyed the sights and smells and sounds of a turn of the century village. I highly recommend this and we think that it will become a new tradition with us.

The fireworks alone were worth the price of admission: we thought the finale was ten minutes into the show, but the WHOLE show was like that and lasted at least a half hour! We didn't manage to snag a ticket for the train but will plan better next time we take guests with us! I hadn't been out there in about ten years and I have to say that they have GREATLY improved it, and the decorations are eye-candy for someone who loves vintage like I do. The interiors of the homes were lit with gas-light, trees decorated with candles and cranberries and popcorn, the windows were trimmed in greenery and fruit, it was absolutely wonderful.

I wouldn't mind going back again this season, anyone up for it? Crossroads Village is a treasure and a great thing that our county can be so proud of! The costumes that the workers wore were absolutely gorgeous, and we'd have more pictures, but Jamie's camera battery got cold and died out there and I hadn't brought mine, thinking that her camera was so nice, it would be better just to leave mine home! That wasn't a good idea, but still Jamie got a lot of good shots.

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