Monday, November 16, 2009

Windy City Weekend Whirlwind!

My sister and I made a trip to the Chicago area this weekend (Never made it to Chicago proper, but that's okay!)

We went to see my niece, who, you will remember, got married this summer. She's also the cutie for whom I gave the "Retro Housewife Bridal Shower". It was a deer widow weekend, of sorts. The only woman who wasn't a deer widow was----- my niece! Her husband worked twelve hour shifts all weekend long. You'd never guess it, but Autumn is the big-game hunter in the family. She also successfully guides hunts out west and is one tough little hombre. Sometime I should show you what she's shot and the trophies she's taken. Recently, she has modeled for a hunting clothes outfitter!

Well, anyhow, Mary and her daughter Kate, drove down to my house, then us Michigan girls set out from the farmhouse Friday afternoon to hit the road. We got to the apartment at around six or seven. And when Autumn opened that door her apartment smelled wonderful! Behind the door was this aroma....that of homemade cinnamon rolls shown above! WOW! They were absolutely delectable.

Her whole apartment was so cute, and all decorated for fall!

Such cute pumpkins! Have you ever seen any like this? Not me!

Amanda, Autumn and Kate

Autumn's pretty, sweet, and talented friend Amanda spent most of the weekend with us. She's the gal who helped Autumn make those delicious rolls....all from SCRATCH! She's a farm girl originally from Ohio who really knows her way around a kitchen! She's also very kind to put up with all of our loudness and laughter and silliness and shopping (and a very hapless restaurant choice!).

It was also Mary's birthday weekend. So....we celebrated by eating delicious cinnamon rolls instead of cake, and we gave her our gifts, and this is mine to her: a thrift store find that was right up her alley, an aqua plate perfect for Christmas display in her dining/sitting area. In the box was also a vintage Christmas ornament (for which she has a weakness!) She loved both gifts and was I glad!

And....Autumn had been a V-E-R-Y busy girl and had finished this painting (Autumn is an artist!) and it's a replica of a vintage post card. Isn't Frosty CUTE? Autumn surprised her mother and it's a gift I know Mary will cherish this Christmas and for many more to come! (Autumn is very creative and she gets that from her mom!) Here are some more photos from around her cute-as-pie apartment.

The milk glass vases are left from her wedding!

Here's another beautiful painting Autumn did on her own! Isn't it pretty!? And so perfect for fall!

Here is a little display over her sink in the bathroom, which has a "beachy" theme. And below, a toilet tank display! Who knew a tiny bathroom could have so much style?

A close up of the painting she did for her mom.

Here's a close-up of Mary's Christmas plate. And that necklace is something that Autumn made, too and it was for Mary's birthday.

Autumn, Amanda, and Katie in an antique store modeling hats they found.

And....lo and behold, Autumn said she had a gift for me! What for? My goodness, I just died when I saw this beautiful Christmas painting, another of a vintage postcard! I can't wait to display it this Christmas on one of my clock shelves!

We also watched some good movies together in our pajamas (one was funny, one was sad), went to Autumn's church Sunday morning (which I enjoyed very much!) and ate Autumn's delicious beef stew for Sunday afternoon dinner (she's quite the cook)!


We got to see some bloggin' bloggy bloggers!

We met Parisenne Farmgirl (Ang) and her mom, the Savvy City Farmer (Joy!)!!!!
(It's a long story and Ang writes more about how it happened here. She's so funny!)

But what fun it was to go to the "farm" Christmas sale and look at antiques and beautiful handmade things and Christmas everywhere. Such a gorgeous sale and Joy is as beautiful as can be and a very gracious lady. She is so creative and I could spot her items at the sale with no problem. If you've read her blog, you know she's a thrifter/designer extraordinaire! And can she decorate!

She's one of those people with such gift and talent and is as sweet as can be.

Joy and I

See that bag I've got on my arm!? There are goodies in it; I'll show you those tomorrow!

Now....lunch in a little river town and on to see Ang! Oh MY GOODNESS! This little guy Aaden was the sweetest host. (So was mom but man he has got it down!) He led me all over and gave me the Parisienne Farmhouse Tour. Her home is as delectable as it shows on her blog. She is clever, and creative---VERY.

The smile to melt your heart! He had to show me his toys and we had a brief discussion about Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Such. A. Smart. Kid.

And this little LeeLee....Oh. My. Goodness. Such a sweet lil' dumplin', I'm tellin' ya! We all fell in LOVE. Can't get enough of those sweet, kissable cheeks and those sparklin' blue eyes. Check the style this girl has...she put on this little vintage hat and wore it for her visit with us!

We're havin' a little talk here while Mama calls the local thrift store owner to see if we can come up and shop. Ang has some major pull....she stayed open for us! What a FUN SHOP!!

(I have a couple things I got that I can show you tomorrow.)

And here's the crew on Ang's porch, her husband behind the camera, kind enough to put up with the interruption of his "tool time" and a herd of "blog fan" women invading his castle on a Saturday afternoon.

I have to say, that Ang is the sweetest girl (like her mom) and is delightful and beautiful, too. She is pregnant and doesn't feel very good, but honey, she glows. I cannot wait to see this precious little one she's carrying. It was so sweet of her to open her home to us blogland buddies.

We came home on Sunday night and I have memories to last a long time: especially the warmth of FAMILY and FRIENDS.

Pretty Awesome.

And...let me say, I'm thankful that I don't have to deal with or navigate the Chicago area or its traffic on a regular basis.
(I know FOR DURN SURE I'm a country bumpkin now!)


Deanna said...


Bloggin bout my Boys said...

I SURE hope your niece is using her PHENOMENAL talent for a living. WOW she is GREAT! HER,the apartment, the rolls the whole package was just too sweet!! You all look wonderful and like you had a blast. How fun to meet your bloggin' ladies and I wish I could squeeze those cuties cheeks at Ang's!! She looks GREAT feeling well or not!Thanks for sharing,I would take your version of Chicago over the windy city ANYDAY!! Sue

Farmgirl Cyn said...

Girl! You got it all! Family & friends all in one visit! Yes, Joy and Ang are two very special women in my 'em to pieces.

sherry said...

What a wonderful weekend!

Autumn is quite the artist. I especially appreciate the autumnal painting of she and her husband. Does she sell paintings? Can she be contracted?

jAne * tickleberry farm

Susie Q said...

Looks like a perfect weekend to me!! What a wonderful and gifted artist Autumn is!! Talent and beauty sure run in your family!!

Donna said...

Ahhhhhhh!! I'm Loving LeeLee!!!Hahaaaa...Look at that hat!!Hahaa...precious!!hughugs

Unknown said...

We did have a wonderful time! I was so excited when mom told me that you all were taking the long trip to come for a visit. We packed so much into one weekend, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way! I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the photos again :) great memories. Thank you so much for coming and for the beautiful vintage ornament, I love it! Hopefully we can do it all again soon!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh....what a fun trip. What fun, talented, cute people! I'm going to go check out their blogs too. Glad I found your blog! Happy Fall Ya'll

Thistle Cove Farm said...

The women in your family are very beautiful; glad you had such a wonderful time; sounds like great fun.