Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Delicious Farmhouse Blog to Eat Up!

Howdy there!
My bloggy friends, I cannot keep a yummy blog to myself: I simply cannot do it. I share all kinds of sweet blogs on my "favorite farmhouse friends to visit" page, but that talented Maryjane from "Sweet, Sassy Sadie Lee" led me to a new friend who I just know you will all love and faithfully visit.

This blog is so yummy, I know you will want to share in its deliciousness....just try not to drool, keep a napkin on your lap, girls.

From the header (shown above) to the very first entry you will enjoy all her gorgeous pictures and her beautiful farmhouse.

This link will lead you to Teresa's introduction page, and after that, you can read backward to your heart's content. She has created a beautiful oasis to visit the "country" farm she had her husband decided years back to move to and fix up.

Go on over, say HI! And tell her that Joni at Old Centennial Farmhouse sent you there!

Happy bloggy trails....my bloggy bloggin' friends!


Kathleen Grace said...

I found this beautiful blog a few days ago, isn't it gorgeous! A pristine white farmhouse (just like the one I grew up in)is my dream house:>)

Bloggin bout my Boys said...

When I saw her 3 boys and that GORGEOUS kitchen with all the aqua I almost fainted. My two older boys both want to join the armed services when they graduate and I have always wanted to own a farmhouse like I grew up in with a kitchen JUST like that. SIGH, like looking into my dreams heehee!!! Thanks for the great referral!!